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------------------------------------------------- bs:327 Financial STATEMENT Valuatioin & analysis
Stage I: Industry and Media Analysis
August 21, 2014
August 21, 2014

The Australia retail sector is under huge pressures from many different forces. In the recent Lander & Rogers Briefing, Myer CEO Bernie Brooks referred to the current environment as ‘the third big revolution of the past 100 years’ for retail. This analysis will look at recent opinions and commentary on the Australian retail sector, with a focus on the potential consequences for the economic future for Myer. These commentaries will assist in highlighting the forces that are in play within the sector and elucidate the position of Myer within the current industry. The analysis will finish with a brief discussion of the key issues that face Myers level of profitability going into the future
Media Analysis
Australian Retailers Get Serious About Online Shopping
The Sydney Morning Herald, March 22 2014
This article colossally brings to light the biggest single force that faces retail in today’s technology driven environment. It starts by bringing the reality of the effects of online shopping on retail in a very revealing manner. It tells the story of a member of the audience looking over a model ridden catwalk at the Melbourne Fashion Show, while witnessing the latest fashions being introduced into the market. The normal sequence of events for her is to visit a retail store, try on the apparel which was liked and make a purchase. The story in this article eliminated this process as the audience member had a smart phone or tablet device at the ready to make the purchase within minutes of the outfit seeing the light of day. The industry of online shopping has changed the way in which the developed world go about “retail therapy”.…...

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