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All the learning’s in our MBA course is practice oriented. However, hands-on experience in the corporate world during our course is very necessary to be able to test the ability and extent of learning of the student before fully entering the corporate world. The two months training which I underwent at Reliance, Jai Agency, Delhi(West) in was a wonderful learning experience. I was assigned with the project “SWOT analysis of reliance communication with competitor”
With the guidance and suggestions provided by Mr. BHUPENDRA SINGH, my
Industry Guide, I started first phase of my Project by doing a market analysis, After that I started with the second phase which involved research work pertaining to the customer analysis.
In this report I have explained what I undertook based on research and my personal experience. I have also tried to understand business relations with the market developers, business strategies, and ethics and work compliance in an industry as an additional part of my study.
It is my proud privilege to express a deep sense of gratitude and regard to
My guide Prof. KHUSHAL KATARIA (Department of Management, JKBS).
His initiative Keen interest, expert and valuable guidance at every step
Provided a constant Source of inspiration and encouragement to me for
Intensive studies in the subject. I am deeply indebted to His.
I am very much thankful from bottom of my heart for precious contribution of Mr. BHUPENDRA SINGH, who provided his best help.

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