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1) Describe the three basic types of music heard in original scores during the silent film era and cites specific examples from The Birth of a Nation. (10 points)
In the film The Birth of a Nation, musical adaptations, arrangements of famous melodies, and newly composed music are the three basic types of music heard. Some of the classical works are used in dramatic scenes like the ride of the KKK, where “Ride of the Valkyries” can be heard. For arrangements, the film features tunes like “Maryland, My Maryland” and “Dixie.” One of the newly composed music in the film include “The Perfect Song” which is the film’s love theme.

2) What is the role of source music in Casablanca? (10 points)
The main purpose of source music in Casablanca was to portray the emotions of the characters. A lot of these music were meant to have meanings or symbols, like “La Marseillaise” which is the French national anthem that is meant to represent the Allies during WWII. This happens in the Rick’s Café scene when German soldiers were shown singing the Nazi anthem and the others began to sing “La Marseillaise” as a response. Another source music used in Casablanca was “As Time Goes By,” which represents the love between Rick and Ilsa.

3) Discuss the effect of genres on the amount and type of music in a film. Describe a number of different film genres from 1935-1939 and the typical qualities of their music. Mention specific films during this period to illustrate your generalities. (20 points)…...

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