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Progress Does Not Always Lead to a Better Life

Life, in the primitive sense of the word, means moving through time towards inevitable death. Progression, by definition, means development towards a destination or more advanced state. Life in the emotional aspect explores love, and with love there will always be shortcomings and complexities. Progression, life, destruction, and love are themes in the short story Mule Killers by Lydia Peelle. The short story is a story within a story, and it is first person narration from the point of view of a son retelling the story of his father and his grandfather. The story thereby tells the stories of three different generations of men. The setting is in Nashville Tennessee, the time period is not certain but from the events and descriptions it appears to be during the brink of industrialization. The element of progress in Mule Killers is seen in the family’s life story, the father’s effort to reach adulthood, and - as a parallel story - industrialization; progress is portrayed not only in the stories of the father and grandfather but also in the depiction of the development of the society.
In the very beginning, it is clear that the main character’s father has a hard time time coping with his emotions, particularly his immaturity, and striving to progress to a stable future. In the first paragraph where the author introduces the character, the son’s father, he describes him as: “my father has his father’s height, and he carries it apologetically” (2). It is already evident in the author’s use of diction and the word “apologetically” that there is a feeling of guilt. Furthermore, even though the father has his father’s height he carries it apologetically perhaps because he feels he is not mature enough to be “equal” to his father. The father’s feeling about his height maintains the theme of progress in the story, meaning…...

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...Mule killers The story is named Mule killers and is written by Lydia Peelle, it was first published in Epoch, 2004. The theme in the story is growing up, unrequited love, generation shift and consequences. All the themes are, more or less, related to the narrator’s father, whom is telling about his early adolescent life where he had to cope with gradually losing his grip on what he wants for himself and instead being forced by the narrator’s grandfather to take responsibility for his actions. You do not hear much about the narrator himself except that he is the outcome from the father’s and the nameless girl’s affair and he is twice the age at the time in the story than his father was, the year of the mule killers. However you also get the impression of that he is a careful listener and watches his father very closely and therefore notices details so he can practically imagine what his father tells him and do not tell him. The narrator’s father is the main person of the text, because it is him we hear about the most. When the father was in his eighteens he fell in love with a girl named Eula Parker, while he was too shy to tell her for a long time he ended up asking Eula and her friend out for a soda, though Eula refuses her friend accepts. The Father convince himself that Eula really wants him, when his date and himself meet Eula at the local drugstore, however when Eula actually just had a quick errand and leave again the confusion in the fathers heart drive him to...

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...Mule Killers The developing world is something, which can be difficult to deal with, particularly when you are used to doing something you know how works. In the present world, development is something everyone is facing each and every day, and people nowadays are used to it. A few centuries back in time, people were not used to this kind of development, people tended to like how things were at that time. People at that time were more conservative than they are today. Our generation is a part of a period where things are useless if they are more than 15 years old. The reason why our mentality today is set like this is most likely because we grew up after the industrial revolution, and because of that industrialism has become a part of our life. Back in time, people must have had a difficult time changing everything. The short story “Mule Killers” is written by Lydia Peele. This is a story within a story and as often seen in short stories there are a very limited number of characters. But as usual these characters have a major influence on the story. This whole story is focused around the narrator and the two main characters, which are the father and the grandfather. As I have written, it is a story within a story, the father is looking back in time. He is telling his son what happened when he was 18 years old and the mule killers came, while they are picking asparagus. It is not told specifically where it is taking place, but we are told that the city they live in is......

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