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Monica Morris

• Civil inattention goffman idea where are we when these street acts take place we are on the street. The normal action in north American cities is characterized by civil inattention that is what usually prevails between strangers
• We don’t bang into each other on the sidewalks we are aware of what is happening around us. We don’t move inot other peoples space
• Street is also characterized by silence. We don’t speak to each other people on the street look at you and say good morning in other countires it is not typical in north American countires
• Norm of civil inattention can be breached or disrupted there is normal and then can be breached
• The street remark is a comment in a public place between people that are not acquainted with one another
• Street remarks that involve men and women
• Youthful women that are the objects of street remarks and not youthful men ( would be a OBSERVATION) o This seems obvious but sociological thinking takes into account the obvious
• We live in society but don’t notice things until we interpret it and then we notice some kind of order
• Third thing - The substance of the remarks whatever they are sounds or words focus on woman’s appearance but not only their appearance
• Fourth thing we can’t do anything that is morally questionable
• The comments seem to suggest that she is acting out of role she’s not measuring up or she is measuring up in a certain way that makes her extraordinary that she is attractive or not attractive
• What do we make of these observations what do they tell us about social life in the street between men and women
• What do they contribute to social order?
• She’s not saying that street remarks are positive marking sense fo what is going on
• Men can make the street remark make them look gallant

Assymetry of public life
• Woman are…...

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