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Read the paper and evaluate the arguments put forward by Professor Christopher to arrive at a conclusion about what makes up the essential characteristics of effective logistics. What value does his thesis that there are 'three feasible pipeline designs' have for your industry or an industry you know?

In his paper, Professor Christopher, examines a number of arguments in an aim to come up with unique essential characteristics of an effective supply chain. He has discussed matching of pipelines to the market place needs under conditions of demand volatility and price pressure and thus discovers that the scenario of “one size fits all” does not apply to pipe line design, implementation and control.
In his analysis of various researches from other authors, he suggests appropriate supply chain strategies that can be developed upon existing contingent market characteristics to achieve high level of customer responsiveness at a less total cost to the supply chain as a whole. He considers three key dimensions that may lead to a taxonomic approach to selection of the appropriate strategy with in a supply chain as: • Product characteristics • Demand characteristics • Replenishment lead time
He marries together particular combinations of lean/agile operations and develops a taxonomy suitable for matching pipelines to meet market requirements based on demand(Predictable/volatile), Product(standard/special) and lead times( short/long).

Arguments for effective logistics:
Logistics is an important component of supply chain management (Stank et al., 2005). Logistics management may be defined as “that part of Supply Chain Management that…...

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