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Review on Misery
In the thriller/drama movie Misery, Paul played by James Cann and Annie played by Kathy Bates is about a talented writer and a crazy number one fan who is obsessed with the book.
Paul is a popular writer that has written and published around nine books. He was finished with his tenth book and decides to make his way to New York City that same day to get his book published. Without knowing he sets off into the road which later came across a blizzard which caused him to drive off the road and wreck. He was saved by a woman named Annie Wilks. Early morning the next day he wakes up in pain and Annie introduces herself to him as his number one fan. Paul is flattered by her remarks on how talented he is at writing.
As the time passes Paul starts to see what Annie really is like as she unveils her crazy self. While the people that know Paul are concerned about his disappearance. The sheriff later finds his car buried under the snow but was presumed dead since he had gotten out of the car. Back at Annie’s she introduces her pet pig named Misery to Paul, she then explains why she named her pig Misery. She first started reading Misery when her husband left her because reading the book helped her block her from the problems she had to face outside. When she purchased one of Paul’s newest books she had started reading it but later that night she went into his room angry asking why he killed Misery in the book then angrily started to shake the bed violently.
She goes into the bedroom and forces him to burn his newly written book just so he can bring Misery back from the dead. Paul stops taking his pain killers because he thinks they are not helping him at all. He decides to save the medicine powder from the pills in a paper envelope. Annie buys him a used typewriter and the materials necessary to begin…...

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