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The “Microsoft’s Battle for the Living Room: The Trojan Horse-The Xbox” case talks about the well known Microsoft Corporation as a large organization ($32 billion revenue and $10 billion profits in fiscal year 2003) which is operating in the video game console industry, and also case provides information about video game console industry and Microsoft’s competitors Sony and Nintendo in that industry. The status of the company was examined in detail by the case and a number of problems were revealed. This paper is based on the information provided by the case and is divided into four sections. The first section contains the SWOT analysis of Microsoft Corporation, the second section discusses the problems of the company in the industry, the third section offers alternatives and recommendations to solve the stated problems, and the fourth
SWOT Analysis
Strengths of Microsoft Corporation:
Technological improvements have been growing since the earth born, but it has been realized by people when it came to their home. Because most of the things became computerized in these days, when we call technology, PC’s at our home or office comes to our mind first. Microsoft’s Windows series are globally known as the PC desktop operating system with a market share of above 80%, so we can say that Microsoft has a good reputation and market share. Since most computers that we are using comes with a built in Windows operating system, Microsoft’s customer retention is one of its major strength. Another strength of Microsoft is its cost effectiveness, by inserting its own operating system to Xbox and lower the cost. Because it produces its own games in its Home and Entertainment division, Microsoft’s Xbox has sales force effectiveness. Applications and operations divisions complement each other well so provides a relatively rapid product development processes that allow…...

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