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Memo on Management Behaviour

Managers must practice the art of getting things done through organisational resources (eg.workers, financial resources, information and equipment).At one time, managers were called bosses, and their jobs consisted of telling people what to do and watching over them to be sure they did it. Bosses tended to reprimand those who didn’t do things correctly and generally acted stern. Many managers still behave that way. Perhaps you’ve witnessed such behaviour.Today, management is more progressive. Such managers are educated, to guide, train, support, motivate and coach employees rather than to tell them what to do. There is much more emphasis on working in teams and team building. Managers of high-tech firms realize that workers often know much more about technology than they do.Thus, most modern managers emphasize teamwork and cooperation rather than discipline and order giving. Managers must give direction to their organisations, provide leadership, and decide how to use organisational resources to accomplish goals. Managers today must deal with conflict resolution, create trust in an atmosphere where trust has been badly shaken, and help create balances between work lives and family lives. A manager’s behaviour can impact productivity of his or her employees through the kind of leadership and vision him or her espouses. Productivity is an important aspect of every company because it measures the output of goods and services relative to the input of labor, capital, and equipment. The more productive an industry, the better its competitive position because its unit cost are lower. When productivity increases, businesses can pay higher wages without boosting inflation. Managers can cause an improvement in productivity by encouraging smart working instead of hardworking. Greater productivity benefits organisations directly, and it…...

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...order to utilize even more business opportunities as our customer base expands rapidly. This will be a challenging process and I am sure our management team is up to the task. This is not to say that there will not be hurdles for even some adversity in the merger process. With that being said, our management team will be a critical cog in the integration process, and our attitudes, conduct, and behaviors will be scrutinized. We must set the example in supporting and driving this merger. Employees from both companies will be looking to management for direction, reassurance, and resolution. There will be many concerns that employees from both companies will have. The employees will fear for their jobs, their positions, their pay, and many other factors. It will be up to us to temper their fears while also managing expectations. We must also be sure to treat the EnviroTech employees fairly and equally. They will be the most anxious and will have more concerns, as it is their company that is being acquired. We must be sensitive to their fears of coming into a new environment and their fears of job security. We will also need to be aware of our own employees’ fears of job security as they may see the influx of EnviroTech workers as a possible threat to their positions. This will be another crucial step for us a management team, creating a cohesive, welcoming atmosphere for all involved. It is imperative that we set the right tone from the start as we quickly......

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