Meditation for Labor and Childbirth

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Meditation for Labor and Childbirth
Jill Harrison
St. Joseph’s College

Meditation for Labor and Childbirth
We move toward birth, each breath I take breathing life into his passageway, each contraction preparing the way for birth. My body is loose and liquid, yet stronger than at any time before in my life. I am strong for my baby. We grow closer together as we move towards the moment when we will separate, no longer two beings in one body, but two distinct beings, each with our own breath.
As I prepare for the moment of birth, I feel the strength of millions of women who have come before me. Everywhere around me, the air is filled with the energy of these women who have given birth, of their sons' and daughters' first cries. Their energy fuses with my energy. I hear the voices of my friends and family, telling me that I am strong, I am beautiful, and in birth I am protected.
The urge to push my baby down my birth canal, I feel that it is more than possible, easy. I feel the strength and power of my uterus, my cervix, and I push. With every breath, I gather up the strength around me, the low chant of millions of women pounding in my belly, and I push.
Childbirth can be a very painful process. There are many methods for managing the pain and the anxiety that many women feel during labor and delivery. Some women choose pain medications, while others choose natural methods such as breathing techniques, massage, and warm baths. The guided imagery meditation above can be used for women on the maternity unit at York Hospital to help them remained focused during their labor.
Meditation during labor and delivery is also beneficial for managing pain and for encouraging an easier birthing process overall. Though the sterile image of a typical delivery room may not seem compatible with the tranquility and focus of most meditation practices, the birthing rooms at…...

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