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ACADEMIC CALENDARS Academic Years 2014-2016
Dates and Times Subject to Change. Revised 8/8/2014

Summer Intersession 2014
June 23 July 21 July 28 July 28 Aug. 4 Aug. 4-5 Aug. 5 8 a.m. Registration begins for all students for 2014 Summer Intersession. Tuition emergency loans begin for Spring Intersession. Book emergency loans begin for Spring Intersession. Payment Deadline. A $35 Late Payment Fee will be assessed for registering and/or paying after this date. First Class Day. Permission to register or change classes is required from the adviser and professor. NO REGISTRATION AFTER THIS DATE. Census Date. Students will be dropped from classes if they have not paid in full or made payment arrangements with the Business Office. No additional Emergency Loans beyond this date. Midsemester Point Last day to drop a course or withdraw from the university. Course dropped will receive a grade of Q. Last day for faculty to drop for non-attendance. Tuition and book emergency loans due for Spring Intersession. Final examinations; Last Class Day. Grades due via the web at Blue and Gold Connection.

Aug. 11 Aug. 12 Aug. 15 Aug. 18 Aug. 20

9 a.m.

Fall Semester 2014
Apr. 1 Aug. 1 Aug. 11 Aug. 11 Aug. 18 Aug. 18 Aug. 21 Aug. 21-22 Aug. 23 Aug. 25 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Priority Registration begins for 2014 Fall Semester. Graduate and Undergraduate Students - Deadline to file Application for Degree Candidacy in December with Academic College Dean. Late Registration begins. A $35 Late Registration Fee will be assessed to students registering late. Tuition emergency loans start. Payment Deadline. A $35 Late Payment Fee will be assessed for registering and/or paying after this date. Book emergency loans begin. General Faculty/Staff Meeting, Jones Auditorium. Meetings of deans with departmental chairs and departmental meetings. Residence Halls open. First Class Day of all regular…...

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...Priyank Shah 1446, Aakashdeep Soc., B/h Aakashvani, Makarpura road, Vadodara 390009 Phone: 91-8128680123 Qualification: Passed SSC with Distinction from B.H.S. (ONGC) from Baroda. Passed Diploma in Mech. Engg. With First Class in the year 2008 from Sigma Inst. Of Tech & Engg from Baroda Currently, pursuing B.Tech in Mech. 4th SEM from Karnataka State Open Uni. And, also pursuing Diploma in Business Administration from IIMRT Inst. Working Experience: Worked at ABB LTD, an ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 Company, since 25th Sep., 2008 to 31st May, 2010 as Production Engineer in Winding Dept. in Small Power Transformer Factory, manufacturing transformers up to 100 MVA. Presently, working at AREVA T-D Company, since 18th Aug., 2010, as Production Engineer in Assembly Dept, manufacturing transformers up to 765 KV Job Profile: - Looking after all Production -Having knowledge of SAP System. (PP Module) -Handling all man power & m/c power as per req. -Report Production activity in System -Supervision of Production work and Safety of manpower during Working. -Also looking after FPY every month as per ISO norms -Developing new tech of production, so as to make production max., and in min time, money & using man power which is available Specialization Knowledge of SAP PP (Prod & Planning) Module Knowledge of C ,C++ Language Training undergone: • SAP Overview • SAP PP (Prod. & planning) module •......

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