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McDermott, Diane; Winterowd, Carrie
A Model for the Treatment of College Age Children of



Evaluative/Feasibility (142)

MF01/PC01 Plus Postage.
Adults; College Students; Counseling Effectiveness;
*Group Counseling; Higher Education; *School
Counseling; *Young Adults
*Adult Children of Alcoholics


A session by session cognitive behavioral approach to group treatment for college age children of alcoholics was presented.
Four groups ranging in size from four to eight persons participated in these semester -long sessions offered during one academic year through the counseling center at a major midwestern university. The treatment was comprised of four stages: introductory, informative, working, and closing. Cognitive, behavioral, and affectively oriented techniques were used to facilitate growth at each stage. Assessment of efficacy utilized a pretest/posttest design. Participants (N=25), aged 18 to 31 and with a mean age of 21, were given a seven-point
Likert-type scale based on Woititz's 13 characteristics. Analysis of data indicated a reduction of scores on the 13 characteristics between the beginning and the ending of treatment for all groups.
Participants' ratings indicated a general perception of helpfulness.
The majority of participants said that they would either seek out another Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) group or would continue with some type of therapy. College age, young adulthood, is an especially challenging time in terms of developmental changes and their implications for a healthy adult life. The results indicated that all groups were successful in reducing their scores on Woititz's scale. The counselor at the college level must provide…...

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