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Gap Analysis: Global Communications Global Communications is a telecommuting organization facing a number of challenges due to strengthening competition and limited services. In an effort to increase market share, reduce cost and re-gain the competitive edge a two pronged strategy was proposed. This strategy offers a wide range of additional services and outsourcing a significant dimension of the workforce to international locations to reduce cost.
As expected, the proposal is met with resistance, confrontation, objections and additional challenges. This report will identify the issues and dilemmas as well as discuss the diverse perspectives of the stakeholders. A gap analysis and an evaluation of the end state vision are also assessed.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification The issues presented in the Global Communications scenario are multi-faceted: Competitors in the telecommunications industry are all competing for the same business, cable companies are providing complete solutions that encompass computers, television and traditional telephone service and when Global Communications entered a selection of international markets the strategy was met with mixed results. As a result, Company stock depreciated more that 50% in a three year period. The stockholders are lamenting over the diminishing returns and there is much speculation on the probability of the Company’s ability to rebound. Additionally, a significant percentage of the workforce is comprised of technical call center or customer service representatives. These workers are represented by a collective bargaining agreement and recently took concessions in education and health benefits that totaled about 20%. Further, a strategy for resolution of the issues at was presented to and approved by the Board of Directors without consideration of stakeholder buy-in or potential violations…...

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