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MBA/580 '' Strategies for a Competitive Advantage

Instructor: William Wider

Mission, Vision, and Values Week 1

January 14, 2009

Mission, Vision, and Values: A-Z Wireless The company originally opened its doors January 2, 1992 operating under the name of Southern California Telecommunication Distributors, Inc. (SCTD), (A-Z Wireless, 2009). SCTD target market initially consisted of small cellular resellers in Southern California that did not have the buying power to purchase the most popular name brand phones such as Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Audiovox, LG and Samsung, in an affordable manner. James Walters, founder of SCTD, realized that the demand for cell phones was extremely high and logistically there was a supply chain gap between international manufactures and resellers (Walters, personal communication, January, 13, 2009). Only a few companies existed nationally in the role of distributor, and James wanted to be amongst the first in Southern California. Uncovering this unsaturated market niche afforded SCTD to grow its business from a small region wholesaler to a nationwide reseller. From 1992 to 1997, SCTD had grown to become a company that imported cell phones and accessories from various countries, and serviced customers on both a national and global platform (A-Z Wireless, 2009.

A-Z Wireless is a small business organization in the wireless industry that has positioned its self as a distributor of cell phones and accessories to wholesalers and other distributors worldwide. Until 2008, the company has been very profitable and viewed as an industry leader for wireless products and import and export sales. However, the company ignored the signs leading to changing forces in the environment and failed to develop a contingency plan for…...

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