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Developing a successful strategy which would allow Maybelline gain a successful position on the face products market. The mass cosmetic segment is growing 10% on average annually, foundation is the 2nd largest segment in this area. There are three main competitors who have established a strong position in this segment: Revlon (mature women), L’Oreal (women between 35-54) and Cover Girl (teenagers). The product is characterized by its lengthy purchase cycle, higher price, independence of fashion trends and strong loyalty of the customers.

Entering the face segment by starting with the mainstream mature segment, going gradually to mature women segment, which will involve some changes to be made in the overall Maybelline image since it is mostly associated with younger audience and developing a successful product which would compete with Revlon’s.

The populations which are expected to grow the fastest in the US are those of women above 14 yrs old (119 mln by 2005) and mature women. Since the Research and Development does not have any age defying solution ready at the time, the younger women segment can be addressed with the already developed products. The company has already loyal customers in this segment and has introduced some foundation products before. The mature women segment is our ultimate target since it is this segment that uses more face products. While penetrating the younger women segment, time should be spent on planning and preparing the entrance to mature women segment. In the meantime the company should focus on the younger women segment (it may take time to penetrate the segment for mature women, due to company’s image and strong competitor in that segment). The company’s previous attempts to break through in different segments proved to be fairly unsuccessful, apart…...

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...Keyword Go Email this Facebook Twitter Share 1 Print this Maybelline seeks to crack the beauty code Nielsen data show that the L?Oreal group brand is fourth after Lakme, Elle 18 and Revlon. Can it break into the top three? Viveat Susan Pinto / Mum bai Apr 09, 2012, 00:13 IST Ads by Google Submit Your Resume : 2-10 years Exp. Salary 3-15 Lakhs. To Apply, Register on Now It began with a provocatively titled headline — WTF — in January this year. But by the end of it, Women Take Forever (or WTF) was the most popular topic on Facebook and Twitter, with men as well as women voicing their opinions on the subject, even taking potshots at each other whenever the opportunity presented itself. This, however, was just part of what Maybelline New York, the cosmetic brand from French major L’Oreal, had in mind for its new Clearglow Bright Benefit or BB Cream — a product that combines the benefits of a foundation, sun block and moisturiser. Dare To Go Nude was the next part of this campaign, which was nothing but the launch phase of the BB Cream, where Maybelline was effectively providing a solution to the age-old problem of women taking forever (in getting ready, that is), by suggesting there was an alternative available. “We wanted to highlight the benefits of the product in an ingenious manner,” says Manashi Guha, marketing manager, Maybelline. “Digital is something that we use aggressively besides print and outdoor. We do......

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...   segment   (lip   care   and   nail   enamel)  with  a  wide  range  of  products  and  prices,  both.  The  organized  color   cosmetics  market  is  estimated  at  Rs  340  crore  currently.       • Revlon's  sales  account  for  Rs  60  crore  of  that.  Lakme  leads  the  market  with   sales  of  Rs  100  crore.  Lakme,  has  recently  joined  forces  with  Hindustan  Lever   Limited  (HLL)  and  calls  itself  Lakme-­‐Lever.     Other   international   brands   in   the   sector   include   L'Oreal,   Revlon,   Maybelline,   Benckiser   and   Avon   with   a   major   part   of   the   rest,   some   of   them   engaged   in   the   multi-­‐level-­‐marketing  model  for  their  products.     The   most   important   global   players   are   already   in   India   (except   perhaps   Estee       Lauder,   Mary   Ann   Kay,   Kao   and   Body   Shop)   and   are   in   an   advanced   stage   of   market   development.   They   are   already   exploiting   prospects   based   on   imports   of   active   ingredients,   packaging   and  ......

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...Consumer use cosmetic products to increase their self-confidence and look more beautiful as their idol. In Western cultures, one of the commonly recognized main reasons women use cosmetic is to dramatically improved their physical attractiveness (Patil and Bakappa, 2012). Cosmetic who thronged the Malaysian market consists of a variety of products regardless of brand locally and abroad. Among the successful foreign products have a place in the hearts of Malaysians is Maybelline. Maybelline created in 1915 by the New York chemists TL William. It's named by William sisters Maybel so he named it Maybelline renamed a combination of Maybel and Vaseline. Maybelline has a franchise in North America, Europe, and Asia such as Japan, India, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand. ( Siti Nurhaliza, Liyana Jasmay, Fasha Sandha and Elfira Loy that be the new face of such products in 2013 is one of the local artists who became ambassador of Maybelline to pitch more products in the Malaysian market. Among other brands, Maybelline still got their own loyal user eventhough lots of brand introduce in market. This proved consumer behaviour theory that says purchasing behaviour is determine by several aspect such as price, quality, brand image, product information, motivation, attitude, culture, group and family, personality, consumer resources, and also purchasing advisor. 1.2 Background of the study All products offered in the market intended for profit and satisfy consumer......

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...Maybelline Face Powder                        A Case Study of the Current Marketing Strategy    I. Point of View    Consultant  to  Ms.  Rose  Libirieza.  The  consultant,  who  is  unbiased,  reports  the  recommendations  to  Rose  Librieza,  Coordinator  of  Marketing  Operations,  who  has  actual authority to carry out decisions made in the best interest of the company  II. Time Frame  Present  III. Problem Statement  Although  Clear  Smooth  Face  Powder  has  been  selling  well  and  has  a  good  market  share, they are not able to hit their desired target market.   Furthermore, their marketing  strategy  does  not  convey  a  concrete  message  regarding  their  specific  niche  in  the  market. Another concern of the brand that should be addressed is that they want to be a  household brand.  IV. Areas of Consideration  A. SWOT ANALYSIS    1. Strengths   .     a. The  quality  and  packaging  of  the  product  are  the  top  factors  that  convince consumers to purchase the product.   b. The product has been the main driver for the double‐digit growth in the  face category.  c. The successful launch of the product wherein users were very satisfied  with the products and considered repurchasing.  d. CSFP is the lowest priced product of Maybelline.  e. Company policy of “push selling” the product to consumers. This is the  first product they offer to consumers who are looking for a face product.   f. The  product  is  distributed  to  department  stores  and  beauty ...

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...Florencia Irena BUS 401 L’Oreal: Global Brand, Local Knowledge 11 July 2013 Situation: • L’Oreal aims to offers everyone, all over the world, the best of cosmetics in terms of quality, efficacy and safety, to give everyone access to beauty by offering products in harmony with their needs, culture and expectations. • L’Oreal sell the United States to Americans, the United States to the Chinese, Italian elegance to the Japanese, French beauty to Africans, and Japanese chic to Brazilians. • By the late 1990s, L’Oréal and Maybelline were the two fastest growing brands in the U.S.: L’Oréal was perceived as the supremely elegant, high-priced luxury brand, while Maybelline was viewed as a high-quality/low-price value brand. • Lancôme was L’Oréal’s largest and best known premium brand and held 5% of the global premium beauty and personal care market. Lancôme was high-priced and served as the channel for L’Oréal’s most costly and intensive R&D projects. Stakeholders: • Lindsay Owen-Jones, CEO in 1988 • Jean-Paul Agon, current CEO • Eugene Schueller, developed a hair-color formula for L’Oreal • Patrick Rabain, head of consumer products Competitor: • Procter & Gamble, 1st in advertising • Unilever, 2nd in advertising • Revlon • Avon Target Market: • Salons • Beauty Department Store • Personal care / Beauty product users Strategy: • L’Oréal began targeting men in 1999 when it introduced......

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...The product Fit Me by Maybelline New York is actually a whole line of products, which is the reason why they called it Fit Me. The line is a variety of make up for women. Since there are a lot of products in this line, I will only be analyzing the foundation. The Fit Me Foundation is make-up that goes on first before all the other types of make-up, essentially it is the base. It is supposed to cover up un-even skin tone, and any blemishes in the skin tone leaving a sort of blank canvas to work on. Maybelline has other lines of related products such as their Dream or Instant Age Rewind lines. The Dream line is actually more specified, with advertising no pores, and then the Instant Age Rewind is just that; makes you look younger. Their Fit Me line fits right in, being that they are reaching out to pretty much everybody, and it really doesn’t matter what you are going for because it will “fit” you. While trying to decide which product to write the marketing mix paper on, I wondered what it is I know nothing about; make up. Being a young man in my early 20’s I neither wear make-up nor do I even walk down that aisle in stores. However, after seeing the commercial, an idea came to me to do the paper on this as the commercial was, in fact, a little intriguing on a marketing stand point. I would say that cosmetics are not easy to sell at all. I mean, why women would want to even buy these products when they are shown to love themselves no matter how they feel or......

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...this continent and L’Oreal’s own identity has been nurtured by the European appeal, especially that of Paris (L’Oreal Paris). Europe in itself is a diverse market. European capitalistic economy is more or less led by government intervention at various levels. Government social spending and taxation relative to national income is high in many European countries and businesses have collaborative relationships with the governments. As can be seen in the case, L’Oreal has actively pursued mergers and acquisitions and confidently carried out global marketing campaigns and launched its brands worldwide (Henderson, R., & Johnson, R. 2010). Through this, L’Oreal entered the US market to promote its high quality and localized products. It bought Maybelline in 1996 and revamped the entire brand as fresh and affordable that guarantees as being trendy (Henderson, R., & Johnson, R. 2010). The US is a huge market when it comes to personal care. It is one of the largest economies in the world with high levels of branding and marketing thus it only seems fitting that L’Oreal cashed in on this opportunity of entering the US market (Henderson, R., & Johnson, R. 2010). It is a highly capitalistic country strongly believing in the freedom of economic forces and promoting competition to bring best offerings for the customers and consumers. The company has established a research institute for Ethnic Hair and Skin Research in Chicago. Since the US has one of the highest purchasing power......

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