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The Marketing Mix
The four key factors are: • • • • Product Price Place Promotion

Key Stage 4
Lesson Duration: 1 Hour

"The combination of factors used to market any particular product."

1) Write a definition for each of the four key factors using the Glossary in the: Interactive Business CD-ROM "The Marketing Mix"
One way of identifying one product or service from another is by brands ie Mars; Cadburys; Coke; Fanta; HP, Heinz, McDonalds or Burger King. This involves using standard colours, a common name, standard size containers or any means of making recognition easy.

2) Write down a list of brand named products you or your family frequently purchases.

You are the managing director of a company which manufactures an extremely well-known and popular brand of soft drink. Your branding includes not only the name of the drink, but also distinctive packaging. You have advertised your product extensively, and have a large share of the soft drink market. However, you are well aware that there is a great deal of competition in your sector of the market. a) What is the name of your company? b) What is the name of your product? c) Describe your product. d) Describe your packaging. e) Where do you sell your product? f) How much do you charge for your product? g) Where do you advertise your product? h) Who are your major competitors? i) How do you compete against your competitors ie price, unique product?

Take a virtual plant tour at the Coca-Cola Internet Site:

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