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India, with its booming economy, plus 8 digit growth, is witnessing a surge in the income levels. This has led to increased demand for entertainment and luxury and people now want to enhance their television viewing experience. Their increased desire for superior video and audio quality has also been reflected in our research findings. All this will sound music to the ears of all the DTH service providers planning to increase their market share many fold.
The potential of DTH in Indian market is seemingly substantial. This has motivated us to undertake a market research project to analyze and assess the future prospects of its acceptability and growth in India. To make our project comprehensive and to make our results conclusive, we have done a thorough analysis in terms of in-depth primary and secondary research.
Scanning through articles pertaining to DTH in newspapers, magazines and internet; interviewing dealers and marketers, sales executives; getting questionnaires filled by 250 respondents; we are confident that our findings present the facts as they are.
The whole project has been so designed that it not only meets the requirements of our course curriculum, it also will be useful to existing and coming DTH service providers.

Research Methodology

Our report is an integral part of my Market Research paper, 3rd Semester of my Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) course at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, D.U. this project has been prepared under the guidance of our subject teacher, Mrs. Preeti Rajpal Singh. The project aims to understand the consumers’ perception about cable service providers and the attributes they would like to associate with television entertainment. We also aim to understand the perception of users of the DTH technology about the various DTH service providers.
India, with its booming economy, plus 8 digit…...

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