Marijuana Education

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Marijuana Education
By Donna Minshew

Since there is nothing we can do to stop the legalization of marijuana, we can at least begin to educate our youth and parents about the risk of marijuana poses on a still growing brain. We should also inform adult users about the dangers. (1) Now is a good time to stigmatize (to mark out or describe-as something bad) how marijuana effect both youth and adults,
(2) Marijuana poses many health threats to our youth’s still developing brain. Steady use of marijuana can cause (3) lasting impairments on memory, (4) intellectual functioning and (5) emotion control. Marijuana has been linked to (6) depression, (7) anxiety and even (8) psychosis in teenagers. Smoking marijuana one or more times a week possibly changes the shape and size of a still developing brain. It is also been proven that like cigarettes, marijuana is (9) bad for the lungs.
(10)Marijuana slows reaction time; therefore (11) increasing fatal accidents by those using it. (12)Marijuana use during pregnancy can harm the fetal brain. The effects of marijuana on adult and geriatric brains are still being researched.
Our youth have come to realize the dangers associated with cigarettes, but many still do not believe marijuana is dangerous. Less than 40 percent of high school seniors think using marijuana poses great risk to them. (12)Marijuana is a drug that more than a third have used, yet many states are offering very little education.
In both Colorado and Washington (where use of marijuana is legal for adults), have rules to keep minors away from marijuana. Like alcohol, marijuana should be used and sold responsibly. (13) However, in addition to the rules to keep marijuana out of the hands of minors, there needs to be great lengths taken to educate both kids and adults about the effect marijuana has on them. 3-4-5-6-7-8-9 11 2 10 12 13…...

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