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Managing Organizations & Leading People BIP2 Task 1
Virginia Robertson
Western Governor’s University
Managing Organizations & Leading People BIP2 Task 1 This paper will evaluate the fundamental strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the leadership styles exhibited within Altamaha Federal Credit Union. Altamaha Federal Credit Union has been operating since 1955. Our motto is, “People helping people…It’s what we are all about”. The Credit Union serves the financial needs of two communities. This organization has been working very diligently in recent years to offer services that are better suited for today’s customer; while still maintaining the services that tenured generations have become accustom to. The executive team is made up of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Vice President of Operations (VP). Middle management is made up of the Accounting Manager, Member Services Manager, and Special Services Manager. There are additional leadership roles which include: Lead Member Services Representative, Loan Under-Writer, and my current role as Senior Accounting Clerk. As within any organization there are multiple leadership styles utilized by each leader. Each style will be dissected and their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and any potential threats thereof will be isolated for evaluation. Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) inter-mingles her leadership styles. She often transitions between Affiliated, Laissez-Faire, and Pacesetting leadership styles. She tends to be an affiliated leader during times in which there is a lack of synergy within team. She is always looking for a way to increase morale and encourage teamwork. However, she lacks follow through when the need to address poor performance becomes evident, which leads to a lack of corrective action; furthering the degradation of the organization’s culture. There is a general lack…...

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