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Puppy Chow

Sitting around at home on a summer day or winter evening, actually anytime is a good tome for this delicious treat. There are many ingredients in puppy chow that cause it to be sought after by many. It could be the chocolate, the peanut butter, the cereal, or the powdered sugar. Or any combination of those. For whatever reason it may be, puppy chow continues to be a big favorite among all.
Ok many recipes that I have found call for exact measurement of everything even the cereal. I am a person of simplicity and convenience. So I tweaked my recipe a little bit. I use one whole large size box of corn chex cereal. I feel the corn cereal is better than the rice for puppy chow because it doesn’t break and crumble as easily. After pouring the whole box of cereal into double bagged plastic sacks I then start the melting process.
The melting process is when I combine a whole bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips with peanut butter and butter. For measuring the peanut butter and butter I just use a regular cooking spoon. You need two spoonfuls of both in a stovetop pan or microwavable bowl. See I said easy. Now either way you melt the delectable mixture it only takes a few minute because you don’t want to scorch the chocolate.
Now this is when you need to be quick and get the chocolate into the sack to mingle with the cereal. The reason you need to be fast on this part is because you don’t want the chocolate to harden before you get the chance to shake things up. . . Emilee. You must get the cereal coated completely before adding the powdered sugar. Then I add about half a bag to a whole bag of powdered sugar. This sound like a lot but I want to make sure the cereal is nice and coated.
Phew! Almost done. Well for some people you might already be done. But for others they don’t want to eat warm puppy chow, or at least I don’t. I…...

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