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* What is Squatty Potty’s Mission Statement? Overall do they base their marketing efforts on this mission statement? Explain with some examples. * The Squatty Potty’s Mission Statement is “to change the way we poop, one ‘stool’ at a time.” Yes, they do base their marketing efforts on this mission statement. They are very literal with their mission statement with the terminology of the word stool. With the use of the Squatty Potty, you poop better.

* Analyze a marketing situation using SWOT analysis. * Perform a SWOT analysis for Squatty Potty, then share it with your group. Finally, your group must create a final SWOT analysis of Squatty Potty that will be used in your final project. Do this in a chart with detailed notes below if necessary. * SWAT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Creating a SWAT analysis for Squatty Potty can go in many different directions. * S-The commercial was really good at catching attention from consumers. It used humor and that’s always a good route to take when catching attention. * W-Using a unicorn that poops out ice cream. Not everyone is fond of seeing that image on television. An * O-To further the success of the campaign would be to have used a different method of what stool looks like coming from the unicorn. T- Not creating enough revenue anymore. As time passes, the less the campaign gets shown and consumers then will forget about the Squatty Potty. Continuing to show the commercial or make a new one with the same marketing structure would help.

* Describe how a firm chooses which consumer group(s) to pursue with its marketing efforts. * How does Squatty Potty choose its target markets? What is/are Squatty Potty’s target markets or segments? Explain in detail. * Squatty Potty was very smart when it came to capturing audience. It was very unique with…...

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