Losing Her

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8 June 2015
Losing Her

No one told me how hard it would be, having to lose a parent. Trying to prepare myself

after I lost my dad, telling myself that my mom would be next but not until way down the

round. I lost her only eight years later. My mom was only 56, my sister was 26, and I had just

turned 37. She had long dark brown hair that she had styled in a mullet. Her eyes were green

and she wore glasses. When she smiled she lit up the room. She had a tender but stern voice.

She was a larger woman, but always dressed nicely and loved to wear jewelry. She had to

wear earrings every day and they were pierced with five holes in one ear and six holes in

the other. Makeup was not her thing and wore very little of it. She had tattoos, my favorite

was the tiger head with roses below it that was on her shoulder. She was diagnosed with Stage

II diabetes after she had my sister. Managing it was simple for her through diet and later

medications until we lost my dad.

After we had lost my dad, my mom became depressed. She started to hide her feelings

from us girls and tried to make herself feel better by buying new things and getting rid of some

of the old things around the house. Until she got sick. She had been placed on insulin and

could no longer manage her diabetes through oral medication. This was a hard transition for

her. She had always been able to eat what she wanted and never had to monitor anything, at

least that is what she made us believe. Not knowing the doctors had warned her that this would

happen. Something else my sister and I did not know is how her kidneys were affected by being

diabetic until she got even more sick. Her blood sugars were dropping in the evening and my

sister was calling me more and more for advice on what to do.…...

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