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Long Distance Relationship and Marriage

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Long Distance Relationship and Marriage The article “Heartache That Taught Me Long Distance Love Is Always Doomed” is about a British writer who was suffering the pain of the long distance relationship and marriage. She met and fell in love with Mickael who worked at the hotel where she stayed over on her business trip in Nice. They bonded each other after their first time conversation about the books and culture. Later on they started hanging out and felt for each other. However, neither of them dared to admit their feelings. After returning back to her 13 years mysterious marriage, she found out that her feeling for Mickael was stronger and stronger.
In spite of 600 miles away, they fell in love each other. They spent their time by sharing their feelings for each other, their rough daily life and interest through Google chat, video chat, text and email. She went back and forth to Nice and London every two months to write her novel and see him. Mickael also took a long weekend off from his job to spend his time with her. At first she was thrilled about counting the days to see him with passionate love. In the meantime, she had to end up living together with her husband due to the long court process after filing for divorce with him. However the relationship with Mickael was closer than the couples who were living together.
As the time goes by, although she became more independent than before, she was getting tired of being alone and sick of communicating through online. She would like to cuddle with him before falling asleep on his arms. And they both got started irritating by the travelling cost and packing and unpacking their stuffs. However due to her age, they decided to take the next serious step which was having a baby. She had been through a lot of roughness within her pregnancy .Unfortunately; their first little…...

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