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September 6, 2014 utban ali
September 6, 2014 utban ali

Q1.As the top managers of the company what types of issues might Bert and john have to deal with? Be as specific as possible. What management functions might be most important to them? Why?

A1. The number of issues and problems they might face may vary from time to time as they depend on a number of things. As the top managers of the company they have to make very important and big decisions such as which market are they going to target and also which partners they have to cooperate. They might face issues relating to communication as if a company wants to progress the top managers have to make sure that their message is delivered to the employees and also that the message of employees is delivered to them. Effective teamwork depends on a culture of open communication, where superiors and subordinates can freely discuss progress and problems. Employees who feel that their bosses are distant or somehow “off limits” have a tendency to make mistakes that could have been avoided had parties felt more comfortable talking to each other. Being Leaders they are often responsible for helping build unity between staff members. It can take a bit of time for workers to develop trusting relationships with one another, and the role of a supervisor or managers is to set the proper framework to encourage these relationships to grow. The most important management function is controlling for them which gives the basic drive to run the business. Because Life is good company is a mature company, which has mature rules, middle managers and first line managers. It also has mature markets. As the top managers, the most important function is controlling now.

Q2. Using descriptions from the case, describe…...

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