Leadership- Born or Trained

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With right atmosphere and proper nurturing, leadership skills get sharpened over a period of time making an individual an effective leader. Training managers does enable them to be effective leaders, however for managers to be effective leaders they do need to have some personality or traits. Corporate houses organize leadership modules and teaching of leadership skills is a mandatory module in every manager’s list of programs for management trainees.
To put it in simple words, leaders can definitely be trained but it is important to have a strong and forthright personality to become an effective leader. Management education and discussions on various case studies which students undergo during their study at reputed business schools are programmed to achieve that objective of sharpening of individual’s skills. Corporate houses also organize various leadership programs for this purpose. The objective of these programs is to develop employees in their respective fields. Leadership training imparted at corporate houses also involves training their managers to be effective leaders. Organizations need their managers to be effective leader to lead their subordinates and their team such that the performance of the team is at the highest level. To summarize, training does help but in case the personality of an aspiring leader is not receptive to various management tools and techniques then no amount of training can help.
Trait theory assumes that people inherit certain qualities and traits that make them better suited to leadership. Trait theories often identify particular personality or behavioral characteristics shared by leaders. Thus, training helps in making of an effective leader however, he or she needs to have certain traits that complement the training given to be effective leader which will help turning them into becoming an effective leader. However, trait…...

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