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Ladies and Gentleman

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Ladies & Gentleman
Linda Crisp
Strayer University
World Culture 1
Dr. Marco Robinson
August 30, 2014

Ladies & Gentleman
Ladies and Gentlemen or should I say women vs. men in today society. Well rounded, what does this really mean to people? Some people believed the woman are more well rounded and men and vise versa. There is different definition for people being well rounded. I believe the well rounded people are well planned, work hard, balanced, set goals and are skilled and capable of doing more than one thing. They are the jack of all trades. There will be a discussion on the comments people made about what they think well rounded people are and the book of the Courtier by Baldassare and what they feel well rounded people were consider to be. Show a different in studies done on men vs. women in all aspects in being consisted well rounded.
In the book of Courtier by Baldassare described the perfect well rounded man or woman, whose education and deportment is best, fashioned to serve the prince. The first two books debate the qualities of ideal gentlemen. The goal was to be a completely well-rounded person. The ideal person must be a solider not only mastering the martial arts but demonstrating absolute bravery and loyalty. Must be liberal education including Latin and Greek French and Spanish. The well rounded person must be able to draw, appreciate the arts and excel in dance and music. Over the entire well-rounded person must demonstrate certain gracefulness, dignity in all things. The ideal person must is a construction of absolute artifice. The perfect person would reflect their perfection.
In today society a well-rounded man and woman world runs on a much faster pace than it did several centuries ago. The plans for the future and concerns for stability and adaption change…...

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