Lab 7 Exercise 40

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Lab # 7

Exercise 40

Reviewing Your Knowledge
A. Embryonic Development
1. Gamete
2. Morula
3. Uterine Tube
4. Implantation
5. Day 6
6. Chorionic Villi
7. Blastocyst
8. Zona Pellucida
9. Decidua Basalis
10. Amniotic Sac
11. Amnion
12. Two
13. One
14. Chorion
15. Three
16. Placenta
17. Secondary Oocyte
18. Spermatoza
19. endometrium
20. Zygote
21. Ectododerm
22. Endoderm
23. Mesoderm

B. Fetal Development
1. Amnion
2. week 9 to week 38
3. week 9
4. week 8
5. 12,20
6. 16,24
7. 20,38
Using Your Knowledge
A. Human Development
1. These enzymes are used by the sperm to create an opening in the corona radiata, zona pellucida, and plasma membrane of the oocyte for the sperm to pass through
2. An ectopic pregnancy in the uterine tube can occur if there is blockage in the uterine tube which would allow sperm to pass into the uterine tube, but not allow the oocyte, zygote or anything larger to enter the uterus. Implantation of the blastocyst occurs in the wall of the uterine tube. An ectopic pregnancy in the pelvic cavity can occur if the ovulated oocyte does not enter the uterine tube and is fertilized by the sperm in the pelvic cavity. Implantation of the blastocyst can occur on an ovary, the cervix or another organ in the abdominal pelvic cavity.
3. Skin and hypodermis, abdominal wall muscles, uterus, placenta.
4. Fetal cells in amniotic fluid are derived from ectoderm (epithelial cells from skin) and endoderm (epithelial cells from the lining of the digestive tract, lungs, and bladder).
5. Chorionic villi cells develop from trophoblast cells.
6. Alcohol is lipid soluble and can therefore diffuse through cell membranes of maternal placenta capillaries to enter fetal capillaries.
7. HCG is secreted by the chorion into maternal blood. This hormone travels through the circulatory system and stimulates the corpus…...

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