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Esssay# 4 What i sthe role of the Persian King Cyrus in the second Isaiah?

The book of Isaiah itself, especially the second Isaih focus on the return of Jewish from captivity. Way before the exile, the prophet Isaiah, not only predicted that Yahweh will let his people go in captivity in Babylon but also the rise of Persian King Cyrus who will deliver them from captivity. So, what was really the role of king Cyrus in second Isaiah?

According to the Bible and Cyrus cylinder( which is exhibit in British musueum) Babylonians were sick and tired of their King Nabonidus considered a tyrant with strange religious ideas. So, in October 539 BCE , the second part of Isaiah prediction materialized. Cyrus defeated the king of Babylon Nabonidus in a bloodless battle. Since all the subject provinces didn`t like Nabonidus , they all gather and recognize Cyrus as their legitimate ruler brought by their gods in response to their prayers. Soon after the victory, Cyrus free all the nations without taking anybody in captivity.
Basically, king Cyrus first liberate the subject provinces and the babylonian from the hardship imposed by Nabonidus and then allow the Jews to go back to Juda and built a temple at Jerusalem for Yahweh.

First, Nabonidus through his reign eliminated the celebration of the festival of new year. he neglected all the gods( nabo, bel,..) in existence before his kingship. He also turn in abomination the workship of Babylonian king of god Narduck. He also tormented the Babylonian with unbelivable oppression and forced labor.He turned the sanctuaries of all the settlements into ruins.So soon after the Cyrus conquer Babylon, he freed up all the subject provinces and reinstated the freedom, and practices the babylonians used to enjoy before the reign of Nabonidus.

Secondly, through a decree, he allowed all the jews to go back and build a temple at…...

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