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The traditional vs. the online market A study of consumer behaviour and consumer preferences in the purchase of high-involvement products
Bachelor Thesis within Business Administration Author: Denis Čelhasić Tommy Grdić Lukas Özer Tutors: Maya Paskaleva Olga Sasinovskaya Jönköping January 2008 ii Acknowledgements First of all, we would like to express appreciation to our academic tutors, Olga Sasi-novskaya and Maya Paskaleva, for providing valuable feedback and guidance on our work. We would also like to thank Robert Bengtsson, CEO at MindValue AB in Gothenburg, Sweden, for supporting us throughout the research by sharing ideas and vital information concerning the marketing industry on the Internet, as well as the operations of MindValue AB itself. We would further like to take the opportunity to send gratitude to the interview-ees making it possible for us to retrieve the information essential for conducting this study. Finally, our thanks goes to Carl Emil Svedin, legal counsel at Saab AB in Linköping, Swe-den, for taking his time to validate the credibility of our translations made of the transcripts from the interviews. Denis Čelhasić Tommy Grdić Lukas Özer January 2008 Jönköping International Business School iii Bachelor Thesis in Business Administration Title: The traditional vs. the online market: A study of consumer be-haviour and consumer preferences in the purchase of high-involvement products Authors: Čelhasić Denis, Grdić Tommy, Özer Lukas Tutors: Paskaleva Maya, Sasinovskaya Olga Date: 2008-01-14 Subject terms: High-involvement, Consumer behaviour, Traditional market, Online market, Internet Abstract Problem The complexity of high-involvement products, especially when bought online needs further studying so that a merchant-consumer dialogue and information exchange is…...

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