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Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement

Paul Caruso

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Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement

Kudler Fine Foods is a premiere gourmet grocery store established in 1998 by Kathy Kudler in La Jolla, California. Kathy’s vision was inspired by her passion for gourmet food and the inability to complete her gourmet shopping at one location. Kudler Fine Foods gourmet shopping experience intends to offer the highest quality in products with highly paid specialists on hand to assist the customers and provide the largest selection (i.e. 16 different varieties of apples are stocked) all at one location. Other revenue sources for Kudler are a very basic web site and a catering business that has yet to be properly promoted. Currently, the upscale gourmet grocery store has three locations all handpicked by Kathy and she has plans for further expansion. Although Kathy has no experience in operating a gourmet grocery food shop, she hires and fires, places weekly orders, review vendor payments, and is expected to meet and greet customers. The problem Kudler Fine Foods has is that its management has no time for strategic planning and the company does not have a dedicated visionary leader; instead, the leader is consumed with operational planning and middle management type responsibilities (i.e. short term planning). Kudler Fine Foods must consider taking on outside management to assist in running the operation and expanding the e-commerce revenue channel. An outside management team would allow Kathy to be the visionary leader she needs to be and build trust in her management team. Leadership is critical in today’s economy; a leader must shape the organization, build teams, drive results, and inspire employees to deliver value. There appears to be a wide gap between actual leadership practices and the results…...

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