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Key Management Cheat Sheet

This Key Management Cheat Sheet provides developers with guidance for implementation of cryptographic key management within an application in a secure manner. It is important to document and harmonize rules and practices for: key life cycle management (generation, distribution, destruction) key compromise, recovery and zeroization key storage key agreement across the organization.
Key Management General Guidelines and Considerations
Formulate a strategy for the overall organization's cryptographic strategy to guide developers working on different applications and ensure that each application's cryptographic capability meets minimum requirements and best practices. Identify the cryptographic and key management requirements for your application and map all components that process or store cryptographic key material.
Use only reputable crypto libraries that are well maintained and updated, as well as tested and validated by 3rd party organizations (e.g., NIST/FIPS)

Key Selection
Selection of the cryptographic and key management algorithms to use within a given application should begin with an understanding of the objectives of the application. For example, if the application is required to store data securely, then the developer should select an algorithm suite that supports the objective of Data-At-Rest (DAR) security. Applications that are required to transmit and receive data would select an algorithm suite that supports the objective of Data-in-Transit security. We have provided recommendations on the selection of crypto suites within an application based on application and security objectives.
Application developers oftentimes begin the development of crypto and key management capabilities by examining what is available in a library. However, an analysis of the real needs of the application should be…...

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