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Employment Relations - Question 4

2. “…the main focus of employee relations is not on collective [industrial relations] machinery but on individual relationships. In the face of tough economic conditions, there is a new emphasis on helping line managers to establish trust-based relationships with employees” (CIPD 2014). Critically discuss

Sarah Pedros, a member of the Acas Strategy Unit (2011) stated, “Fragmentation, demographic change, complex contractual relationships, remote management, individualisation, and a vacuum of representations for both employers and employees will create a more challenging environment for good employment relations in the years ahead.” Critically evaluate this statement and the impact of these factors on employment relations practice.

While many managers might prefer to manage their organisations without interference from trade unions, managing without unions is often more challenging than managing with them. Critically discuss this assersion with reference to literature of which you are aware.

Over recent years’ non-union employment relations have become far more prevalent in the Irish context. Critically consider the key issues which organisations should consider in establishing non-union operations in Ireland.

Critically evaluate the extent to which various types of employee involvement and participation initiatives lead to democracy in the workplace. Your answer should consider three types of involvement or participation initiatives.

“Managing without unions could be just as difficult as managing with them”. Discuss this assertion in the context of research evidence which you are aware of.

Outline and critically discuss two key frames of reference relevant to understanding the nature of the employment relationship, with a particular focus on their understanding of conflict. Which of these do you think is a…...

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