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11 August 2014

In attempts to survive E-commerce and rapidly evolving technological advances, businesses are looking to social media marketing to predict and take advantage of increasing consumer buying power on the web. It’s no secret that consumers are actively perusing social media for the best prices, variety, and reviews of products and businesses as they make purchases for everyday needs and specialty items. In many instances, consumers have traded instant gratification from in-store purchases with the satisfaction of cost savings from items bought online. At the vanguard of such a decision to shop online rather than in-store is convenience. The web is the ultimate one stop shop. Big businesses, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Nike, and Best Buy offer all of their products online at reduced pricing and special deals. So, how does a business preserve its market-share and profitability in the web-based marketplace? It looks to social media. Social media outlets assist businesses in not only maintaining their customer base but also increasing the audience that sees and purchases its products. One such social media outlet is Facebook. Not only are companies paying Facebook to advertise their products and services, but they are also creating company Facebook pages to market to consumers and address concerns with products and services. Consumers are able to rate and review the products and services that they have received from a business. Following or friending the business also allows the consumer to tag the business in their posts. This feature provides added exposure and accessibility to the company by way of linking to the company page. This increases the number of people who see and may possibly purchase from the business. It also allows consumers to view the actions taken…...

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...JPMorgan Chase LEG100 Professor Cheri Reiser 03/04/2013 Discuss how administrative agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) take action in order to be effective in preventing high-risk gambles in securities / banking, a foundation of the economy. In the summer of 2012, JPMorgan Chase, the biggest U.S. bank, announced trading losses from investment decisions made by its Chief Investment Office (CIO) of $5.8 billion. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was provided falsified first quarter reports that concealed this massive loss. The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation. Requiring public companies to disclose meaningful financial information to the public is an effective approach the SEC takes in order to assure the securities of this nation (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission). This helps investors prevent high-risk gambles and allows them to make sound decisions when deciding on which companies to invest in. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulates the commodity futures and options markets. Its goals include the promotion of competitive and efficient futures markets and the protection of investors against manipulation, abusive trade practices and fraud (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission). Both the SEC and the CFTC played a role in......

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...JP MORGAN CHASE BANK N.A. AND ITS ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES FOR THE GOOD OR BAD? Analyze a change effort in the organization. What went well? What went wrong? What should they have done? COMPANY HISTORY AND OVERVIEW……………………………………1 ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUE…………………………………. EXTERNAL THEORIES/OPINIONS…………………………………………….. INDEPTH ANALYSIS………………………………………… SOLUTIONS……………………………………………………. PERSONAL REFLECTION………………………………………………………………. COMPANY HISTORY AND OVERVIEW: JP Morgan Chase Bank dates back to 1799 when its earliest predecessor was chartered in New York City. There have been many mergers and acquisitions throughout the years that shaped what the company is today. The company is built on the foundation of more than 1200 predecessor institutions. Its major heritage firms — J.P. Morgan, Chase Manhattan, Chemical, Manufacturers Hanover (in New York City) and Bank One, First Chicago, and National Bank of Detroit (in the Midwest) were each closely tied, in their time, to innovations in finance and the growth of the United States and global economies. In 1991, Manufacturers Hanover Corp. merged with Chemical Banking Corp., under the name of Chemical Banking Corp., then the second-largest banking institution in the United States. In 1995, First Chicago Corp. merged with NBD Bancorp., forming First Chicago NBD, the largest banking institution based in the Midwest. In 1996, The Chase Manhattan Corp. merged with Chemical Banking Corp., under the name of The Chase Manhattan Corp.,......

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...entire risk of any use made of this information. MSCI, its affiliates and any third party involved in, or related to, computing or compiling the information hereby expressly disclaim all warranties of originality, accuracy, completeness, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to any of this information. Without limiting any of the foregoing, in no event shall MSCI, any of its affiliates or any third party involved in, or related to, computing or compiling the information have any liability for any damages of any kind. MSCI, Morgan Stanley Capital International and the MSCI indexes are services marks of MSCI and its affiliates. Legal Entities Disclosures U.S.: JPMS is a member of NYSE, FINRA, SIPC and the NFA. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. is a member of FDIC and is authorized and regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority. U.K.: J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd. (JPMSL) is a member of the London Stock Exchange and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered in England & Wales No. 2711006. Registered Office 125 London Wall, London EC2Y 5AJ. South Africa: J.P. Morgan Equities Limited is a member of the Johannesburg Securities Exchange and is regulated by the FSB. Hong Kong: J.P. Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited (CE number AAJ321) is regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong. Korea: J.P. Morgan Securities (Far East) Ltd, Seoul Branch, is regulated by......

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...HISTORY: JP Morgan Chase & Co is one of the oldest, largest and best known financial institutions in the world. It is a result of a combination of several large US banking companies and over 1200 predecessors. It dates back to 1799. Chase bank is a subsidiary of JpMorgan Chase & Co that specializes in?. The Chase brand is used for credit card services in the United States and Canada, the bank's retail banking activities in the United States, and commercial banking. It is a national bank that constitutes the consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of financial services firm JPMorgan Chase. The history of Chase Bank dates back to September 1st, 1799 when the Manhattan Company was founded by Aaron Burr as a water carrier company. Burr’s goal was to bring clean water to New York City and put a stop to the monopoly that the Bank of New York and the federal bank had on the state. Alexander Hamilton started Bank of New York in 1784. The Mannhattan Company received its charter in an unusual way, through Burrs’ political connections in New York. Being a former congress man and vice president as well as other prominent positions, he sponsored abill through the New York assembly that established the water company which in turn allowed the creation of a bank. A clause in the bill allowed the company to invest surplus capital in any lawful enterprise. The Bank of Mannhattan started paying dividends in June 1800. The water carrier/bank was off and running. In 1804 Burr was...

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...Week 8 Assignment 2: Joshua Baker Leg100 Instructor: Prof. Madhavi Basnet-Karki Tuesday, November 26, 2013 In the summer of 2012, JPMorgan Chase, the biggest U.S. bank, announced trading losses from investment decisions made by its Chief Investment Office (CIO) of $5.8 billion. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was provided falsified first quarter reports that concealed this massive loss. Now we are going to discuss how administrative agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) take action in order to be effective in preventing high-risk gambles in securities / banking, a foundation of the economy. The foundation of the United States economy is the banking industry and the American people need protection from the high risk gambles that these securities participate in. We need to understand how the Securities and Exchange Commission provides that protection. The SEC creates laws and rules that govern the banking industry in order to be effective in protecting the public. These regulations are derived from a simple and straightforward concept: all investors, whether large institutions or private individuals, should have access to certain basic facts about an investment prior to buying it, and so long as they hold it. In order to accomplish this, the SEC requires public companies to disclose meaningful financial and other......

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...JPMORGAN CHASE RADEGUNDA MOSHA BUSINESS LAW 1 PROF. AALIYAH MOHAMAD AUGUST 25, 2013. REFERENCE Constance E. Bagley. Seventh Edition. Administrative agencies are agencies created by the legislative branch of government to administer laws pertaining to specific areas such as taxes, transportation and labor. The Securities Exchange Commission and the Commodities Future Trading Commission are independent agencies that are legally charged with regulating and providing guidelines for the trading and exchange of the goods, services within their respective jurisdictions. The security act of 1934 has fully empowered the Security exchange commission the power to discipline individuals and entities that are regulated in breach of industry rules and regulation. The Commodities Future Trading Commission on the other hand was created in 1974 to protect individuals, the public and industry players from manipulating, fraud and potentially abusive practices. The mission of Securities and Exchange Commissions is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly and efficient markets and facilitate capital formation. Requiring public companies to disclose meaningful financial information to the public is an effective approach of the Security Exchange Commission takes in order to assure the security......

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...JPMorgan Chase. Chartered in 1799, JPMorgan Chase which began as The Manhattan Company was founded by Aaron Burr. Ranked number 16, JPMorgan Chase is a Fortune 500 company that offers financial solutions to clients in more than 100 countries. Having $2.5 trillion in assets and $108 million in revenue; JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States and has been in business for more than 200 years. Services provided by JPMorgan Chase are asset management, investment banking, private banking, treasury and security, and commercial banking. During the summer of 2012, the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) decided to investigate JPMorgan Chase after reports came out that a London-Based trader had been taking sizeable bets that distorted the market possibly causing the firm a $2 billion or more. JPMorgan Chase provided false reports about the trading loss stating that there were trading losses from investment decisions made by its Chief Investment Office (CIO) in the amount of $5.8 billion. On September 19, 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission today charged JPMorgan Chase & Co. with misstating financial results and lacking effective internal controls to detect and prevent its traders from fraudulently overvaluing investments to conceal hundreds of millions of dollars in trading losses (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 2013). JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay $200 million and admitted to the wrongdoings to settle charges with the SEC. Security Exchange......

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...provide more effective advice and connections, especially compared to their non-specialized competitors. A differentiated strategy will continue to be a critical factor for PE firms that are determined to rise above the crowd in 2014 and beyond. CohnReznick believes more money will continue to chase fewer deals this year, putting industry expertise at a premium. Specialization is particularly important to sellers that plan to retain an ownership stake in the business and want to partner with PE firms that can add the most value post-transaction. Entrepreneurs and business owners are increasingly eager, particularly in 2014, to team with PE firms that can quickly leverage their industry knowledge and make an immediate impact on the company. Likewise, LPs are attracted to firms that have the inside track on a particular industry and can invest in the most promising companies at the most competitive prices. Specialist firms that have a track record of results are increasingly in vogue with both limited partners and mid-market companies. Sharon Bromberg, Partner, Transactional Advisory Services Practice ” What does CohnReznick think? An increasing amount of capital will continue to chase fewer deals, placing industry expertise and differentiated strategies at a premium for middle-market PE firms. 8 Middle-Market Private Equity Outlook Economic Outlook: From a Walk to a Trot The pace of the U.S. economic expansion should accelerate in 2014. While those gains......

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...all subsidiaries or strategic business units JP Morgan Chase & Company is a global financial institution that operates in more than 60 countries and the largest U.S bank in terms of assets with over $2,400 trillion as of September 2013. (Benoit, 2013) JP Morgan Chase is considered a public holding company because it owns several companies outstanding stock. The JP Morgan & Chase Co. was formed after the merger of two previously formed major banking institutions; Chase Manhattan Corporation and J.P Morgan & Co (J.P Morgan Chase & Co, 2014). It was ranked by Forbes magazine as the fourth largest public company in the world. (Murphy, 2014) In addition to this as of 2011 the hedge fund unit , which refers to a rather complex investment type, is the second largest hedge fund in the US only being out won by Bridgewater Associates. (Unknown , 2010).Commercial and consumer banking in the U.S operates under the Chase Banking Brand while JP Morgan services global corporations, institutional investors, wealthy individuals and governments throughout the world. II. Historical perspective on the organization Founded in 1799 by its predecessors in New York City, JP Morgan Chase is one of the oldest and largest financial institution in the world (JP Morgan Chase & Co, 2014). Over 1,000 companies combined throughout the years in order to form JPMorgan Chase & Co. Major firms includes J.P. Morgan, Chase Manhattan, Chemical, Manufacturers Hanover and Bank......

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...years, the United States of America may added to the list. JPMorgan Chase, America’s largest bank, has shown hesitation of implementing the judgment-based International Financial Reporting Standards for several reasons, a main one being the complexity of switching a multi-trillion dollar company’s accounting standards. Specifically, the difference in reporting of derivative assets from Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to International Financial Reporting Standards is one of the main challenges. SNL Financial, a data collection company, ranks the world’s banks based on their assets, which are reported by each firm according to their current method of accounting reporting. In January of 2014, they ranked JPMorgan Chase as the sixth largest bank in the world, with $2.463 trillion in assets. (PRWeb). The largest bank in the world was reported to be the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, with $3.062 trillion in assets. The difference between the two banks, is that JPMorgan Chase reports assets under U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, while the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China uses International Financial Reporting Standards. According to SNL Financial, JPMorgan Chase would be the largest bank in the world if they used International Financial Reporting Standards accounting principles. This jump in five ranking spots would be because under the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, JPMorgan Chase reports the net amount of derivative assets on......

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...Strategy Learning Team Reflection: Chase Strategy Carla Brown, Christine Denson, Shacorra Hall, Danielle McGregor, Donnie Phillips OPS 571 October 1, 2015 Dr. Deborah Jones Learning Team Reflection: Chase Strategy Chase Strategy: Introduction Learning Tea A will discuss the Chase strategy. The examination of two companies that may benefit from the utilization of the Chase strategy will take place. Challenges a company may face implementing the Chase strategy within their organization is researched. Advantages and disadvantages of the Chase strategy are identified. Whether intentionally or unintentionally all companies depend on a form of demand generation strategy. The Chase strategy is best recognized when production meets demand from one period to the next. The strategy is most effective when demand is unpredictable and there is no inventory. According to "Chase Strategy Basics: A Lead Generation How-To" (2014), "The basic principle of the Chase Strategy is to identify the market you want to target with your marketing, and create a profile of potential buyers” (Chase Strategy Basics). Companies create a database of potential customers, and then take steps to get leads and turn leads to sales. The chase strategy concentrates selectively targeted accounts. The chase strategy is not for every business. As with all tactics, there are pros and cons with the Chase strategy. Some advantages when applying the Chase strategy are aggregating planning; inventory is......

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...Company Research JPMorgan Chase was founded by Aaron Burr. It was built on the foundation of more than 1,000 predecessor institutions that have merged to form the company. The well- known heritage banks include JPMorgan and Co., The Chase Manhattan Bank, Bank One, Manufactures Hanover Trust Co., Chemical Bank, and The First National Bank of Detroit ( JPMorgan predecessors were the introducers of the first automated teller machine (ATM). The ATM revolutionized banking by allowing customers to conduct transactions from almost any ATM in the world. The Chemical Bank was the first bank in the country to allow customers to withdraw cash 24 hours a day. The Chase Manhattan Bank introduced the Chase Money Card, the first Visa debit card offered by a bank in New York. The predecessors were also the first to develop one of the earliest online home banking services. Today, JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest bank holding companies in the United States. JPMorgan is a leader in asset management, investment banking, private banking, treasury and securities services, and commercial banking. The company services large franchises, corporations, institutional investors, hedge funds, governments, health care organizations, educational institutions, and individuals. JPMorgan has over two trillion dollars in assets and has over five thousand branches in several states. JPMorgan Chase is also one of the top lenders and credit card issuers. The company operates globally in......

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