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Hi guys today I will be showing you my professional guide to gain some massive RSGP by bot farming.

My skype name is live:ripd2014 you can contact me with any questions you may have.

Unlike most gold farmers they would never give there method out, this guide however will show you 2 methods. You can however run both methods at 1 time to gain max GP per day or just do 1 method to earn that separate amount. All methods will be in detail and readable.

This guide will consist of:

The Methods
Getting your prerequisites for running the farm
How to obtain your prereqs without bans
Amount of GP you will be gaining per hour after prereqs
How to setup your farm
What scripts you will need
How to remain ban free
Guide to relling items for profit

Payments Acceptable
Paypal: 10$
07 GP: Equivalent to 10$ USD 2.3p/m

Method 1 : Mining - addy/mithril
Method 2: Hunting - Chinchompas

Cost to start off each method:

Method 1: 95$ This consist of buying 10 account and the 2 scripts needed.
Note* You will need to renew the scripts and buy more auths per month or per more accounts you buy.

Method 2: 100$ This consist of buying 10 account and the script needed.
Note* You will need to renew the scripts and buy more auths per month or per more accounts you buy.

Proxies: I prefer if you buy your proxies directly from a tribot moderator they are very cheap and they work well you can find them here: [url][/url] if you are using my method you will need 20 proxies that will run you for 39$

What is a proxy: A proxy is a device that hides your static or dynamic IP while botting.

Overall Starting cost: 234$

Getting your prerequisites for running the farm:

Note* First you will need to create an account at [url][/url] and purchase there VIP extended membership this will allow you to run a maximum amount of account and will allow you to use proxies. Then you will need to buy the following scripts for the farm:


This scripts will be used once you buy all the fresh account it will get you through tutorial island in about 7 minutes you can buy it from: [url][/url]


This script will allow you to run method 1 with a max of 5 account you will need to purchase 5 more auths in order to run 10 account that purchase is included into the starting price of method 2. You are allowed to run 1 account per auth. That script can also be found here:


This script will allow you to powermine you way to 45 so you will be able to take the next step to getting 70 mining for adamant for method 1. This can also be found in the tribot repository.


This script is used to powermine all the way to level 70 which is needed to mind adamant for method 1. This script can also be found in the tribot repository.


This script is for method 2. This is an AIO script and will be used to hunt crimsom swift birds until you are able to hunt tropical wagtail and then regular chins. This script can also be found in the [url][/url]

Getting your prerequisites for running the farm

Method 1:

Getting your prereqs for method 1:

As stated above after you buy the proper scripts you will need to run the aminer all the way until you get to mining level 45. After you are mining level 45 you will then switch to the Spiker Quarry Miner while purchasing the script please read the instructions before using the quarry miner.

Once you get to level 70 you will then switch to the aminer premium and this is where you will start making the money I will explain more later on in the guide.

Method 2:

Getting your prereqs for method 2:

As stated above you buy the proper scripts you will need to run the wHunter AIO this will be the only script you need for method 2. You will need to start off by buying about 10 rings of dueling and teleporting all of your accounts to castle wars after that you will need to run to the training spot for crimsom swift which I will have the map below you will hunt scrimsom swift untill you have the proper level to hunt tropical wagtail or you can stay hunting crimsom swift until level 53 hunter it all depends on how long you want to spend of prereqs.

How to obtain the prereqs without any bans:

Note* While using tribot and afking you should always enable your break handler on your accounts shown here:
* thanks to the author of this.

It is important that whenever you enable your break handler you should set all of your timers differently some account to break in an hour some to break in 2 hours so all of your accounts can constantly be in motion. This is a key element to avoid bans Ive been running my farm for about 2 weeks now and I have 25 account and none of them have been banned yet. So I can almost assure you this method works.

Amount of GP you will gain per day, hour and weekly.

Amounts of GP you will be gaining per hour from these methods these amounts of GP are synced to the amount of the items for this current day 4-12-2014 the price of items may change thus changing the price of GP you are making per day that can go up or drop dramatically how you adjust your farm to the change will depend on you.

Im currently running 10 account for method 1 and 10 accounts for method 2 this guide is the amount of GP I earn only if you add more account of course your GP will go up if you do not then of course you will not make as much.

Method 1: Mining Adamant and Mithril in Dwarven Mines below falador.

Adamant Ore: 930gp/ea
Mithril Ore: 230gp/ea

Method 1:


Method 1:

You will gain 50k p/h per account
You will gain 500k p/h per 10 hour days.
You will gain 3m/wk per account

Note* I only run my farms on 10 hours a day to keep the ban rate low you can do the math to see how much you earn.

Method 2:

You will gain: 70k/ph per account

You will gain: 700k per 10h day per account

You will gain: 4.9m per week per account

Method 2: Hunting Grey Chinchompas in the woodlands

Amount per Chin: 300gp/ea

At level 53 you will be hunting about 400 chins per hour of course as your hunting level increases you will be gaining more per hour so your gain will increase more. These prices will run off 400 per hour only.

Guide to reselling your items. I use [url][/url] for selling items.

Notes* Please read all notes before Doing this farm.

Whenever I first started running my bot farms I had many problems. The main problem I was having was transferring all of my items per day to my mule and selling them. The objective and solution to this problem is to use more than 1 mule I currently use 4 the reason being for this is because you can have them in more than 1 place at 1 time you can set one in the woodlands where you will be hunting the chins and you can set 1 in fally bank use the other 2 for selling items and selling gold to make your profit.

Whenever using this bot farm also remember to use your break handler from day one after making the account wait 1 day before actually starting your farm. You should always use your proxies on the same accounts daily. You should write them down or on tribot you should nickname the proxy to whatever account you are using. You should also never have your mules mix proxies with your other account I actually have all 4 of my mules on my static IP.

It in imperative that you transfer your items off your account per day every night most people do not do this and an account ends up getting banned and all there worth was left on the account.

Method 1:

When using method 1. The first steps to do would be to powermine this is a part of the farm that I cannot control whenever I was doing my powermines I did it in lumby swamps it is one of the least bannable places and no traffic is ever there this is the stage where you should not afk your accounts. Once you get the proper level to mine granite is when you can start afking your account using the break handler.

Method 2: Whenever doing hunting just enable the break handler and it will get to the level you need without being banned if you are using the break handler.

* Note please please do not be lazy while running a bot farm they take a lot of work. Always have an account nearby with hunting supplies and pickaxes if you are a lazy person so you can just log into the world and trade with your farming accounts.

Below I will show you a map of how to get to the Method 1 and Method 2 Places.

DM-Dwarven Mines
TW-Tropical Wagtail
SW- Swift


Please if you have anymore questions please feel free to add me on skype.…...

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