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(Expected graduation year 2016) Bachelor of English commerce, Suez Canal University


(July 18, 2014 to Sept 3, 2014)
Summer Internship at Housing and Development Bank
"Ismailia branch” * Worked as a Customers Service “Customer Care” for 6 weeks. * Worked with a full hired Employee permissions and duties to cover the shortage of men power at the customer service department. * Helped around 40 customers daily. * Participated in developing the customers flow inside the bank. * Worked on documents filling and backing up

(12 Dec 2015 to 15 Dec 2015)
Enactus leadership training at BUE * Leading more than twenty person in different tasks * Problem solving * Managing the team performance * How to make business plan * Strategic leadership


(Nov. 2014 to present)
Communication team Director, Enactus SCU * HR Manager, planning, managing, and evaluating performance Enactus SCU logistic team * Planning and leading a Communication team and marketing Execution * Participate in developing Social media team. * Working on a project to develop Mostakbal orphanage

(July 2015 to Jan 2016)
Member at UCAN Ismailia * Participated in fundraising and publicity activities), UCAN Company Ismailia * Negotiate with many local and corporate sponsors * Managed to provide the team with twelve sponsors

(Nov 2015)
Marketing Research entitle "Egyptian public Radio and Television Union"
Studding Research \ marketing course SCU * Analyses the problems of the media public sector and how to deail with new media " Social media" * Found that the most satiable solution to make public Radio and Television Union an…...

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