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Written By: Samantha Yurchak
Mr. Smith
7th Hour
English 9A
December 4, 2008

Samantha Yurchak

Mr. S. Smith

English 9A 7th hour

4 December, 2008

Jennifer Lopez’s
Influence on
Teenage Girls

Jennifer Lopez, also known as JLo, influenced many teenage girls during the 1990‘s into the 2000‘s. She has been one of the big trend setters and a very well known actress and singer. In the previous decade many famous mommies were forming a new trend known as the baby bump. Instead of wearing maternity clothes they would simply just show off their growing bellies. This set off a major trend that is now worn all over the United States. Recent articles have revealed that some teens don’t think this is appropriate. “Women shouldn’t reveal themselves like that. What do you think its teaching our children? To go out and get pregnant so they can look cool?” (Hillary Tharp) From her comment you can see that a lot of people don’t think that some of the trends famous people set aren’t very appropriate. But some teenagers might have a different story. “ It’s not that we want to get pregnant to look cool, it’s just that all the people involved in that trend have shown us how to always look like a star. Even when we feel our worst, they have shown us that no matter what we can look sexy.” (Claire Vermont) Parents should be able to trust their children. If they’re think that their children are going and getting pregnant then they should have them sit down and talk about it. Not all fashion trends are healthy. In recent discoveries, doctors have found that some of the hip trends can be dangerous for anyone. For Example, the necktie look, if you tighten the necktie to tight it could apply pressure to jugular vein causing sight problems that could lead to sight-loss. Another study shows that women…...

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