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Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey 1. What is your initial response to the novel? Do you find it interesting or tedious? Does it remind you of any other stories? Explain why you think it is.
My initial response to the novel was an expectation that it would involve darker themes such as racism since one’s review on the book stated it as “An Australian’s To Kill a Mockingbird” alongside with a picture of a boy for the book cover which made him mysterious in a way for potential readers to be curious about. As for the first few minutes reading the novel, it started off rather tedious as nothing much was established in the story but after the first sign of conflict which ultimately is the driving plot of the novel did the novel became an interesting read. It starts off without a proper introduction rather just simply a phrase “Jasper Jones is here” creating this sense of mystery and curiosity for the readers which was quite effective in doing so. This novel shares certain elements to common crime and mystery novels. Elements such as the unknown killer, a progressive plot that cause readers to create theories on who is the true killer, and most likely a plot twist near the end where every major and minor event in the novel starts to make sense to the readers. The use of a limited first person point of view is also common in mystery novels since this certain point of view limits readers at the same pace with the protagonist as he/she attempts to solve the murder. 2. Explain what ideologies are constructed in the opening chapter pp1-52.
Jasper Jones is a character whose identity had strongly been created by the people of Corrigan. Charlie had barely known him yet he is fully aware of his terrible reputation of him. He is branded as a criminal and a rebel that parents had made him the bad model no child should follow. It had already become popularly accepted that anybody…...

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