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Question 1
5 out of 5 points
A term that is used to describe methods of construction using locally available resources and traditions is________________.
Correct Answer:
Correct Vernacular architecture.

Question 2
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One important part of L.I.D., or Low Impact Development, is:
Correct Answer:
Correct Providing ways to slow down stormwater.

Question 3
5 out of 5 points
Many parks are not large spaces. There are many small urban areas set aside for public use. These are generally referred to as:
Correct Answer:
Correct vest pocket parks

Question 4
5 out of 5 points
Site planning codes in municipalities usually require a project design to include_____________.
Correct Answer:
Correct provisions for stormwater control.

Question 5
5 out of 5 points
According to many studies, the only essential thing for a public park is:
Correct Answer:
Correct Space that people enjoy using.

Question 6
5 out of 5 points
Handicapped parking spaces are NOT required by law to:
Correct Answer:
Correct be located at intervals, both close and far, through out a parking lot.

Question 7
5 out of 5 points
One of the most significant things about the Seaside, Florida, development is that it______________.
Correct Answer:
Correct represents the beginning of New Urbanism.

Question 8
5 out of 5 points
Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without _______.
Correct Answer:
Correct compromising the needs of the future.

Question 9
5 out of 5 points
One of the most important things about the Crosby Arboretum is that it ______________.
Correct Answer:
Correct demonstrates sustainable techniques.

Question 10
5 out of 5 points
In an ideal park setting, which of the following would be most likely to be hidden from view?
Correct Answer:
Correct Parking lots for cars.

Question 11
5 out of 5 points…...

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