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Who was Jack the Ripper, Really? Jack the Ripper terrorized London in the last part of the 19th century. He was responsible for at least five brutal murders, and some experts attribute more killings to his total. While these murders were never actually solved, there is much evidence to suggest that the true identity of Jack the Ripper. The real serial killer was actually Walter Richard Sickert. Walter Richard Sickert was one of England’s greatest impressionist painters. “He was born and raised in Munich. His father was a great writer, and his mother was a very bad alcoholic. Walter at a young age underwent a series of penis surgeries which may have left him impotent. He suffered from fistula this is a hole in your penis”(Cornwell chapters 5 through 6). So this ment that sickert was unable to have intercourse.Sickerts artwork was one of the greatest clues to his crimes. His paintings are menacing and threatening towards women of a lower class. In other words, prostitutes. A few of Sickerts paintings resemble some of the Rippers crime scenes. The ripper may have been a man who had a hate for women, because of his own sexual inabilities or problems. Sickert was a master of disguise and could of easily of lured a prostitute to her death and then escaped without being noticed. He had an unhealthy fascination with the human body that went far and beyond a normal person would. The ripper liked to write letters and disclose certain items in the letters at time. A lot of the letters were a hoax to keep the media buzzing. Over the course of the ripper murders, the police, newspapers and others received many hundreds of letters regarding the case. Some were well intentioned offers of advice for catching the killer but the majority of them were useless. “To date three ripper letters and eight Sickert letters have…...

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