Is the Future of America's Youth in Jeopardy?

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We’ve all heard it before. An elderly person rants on and on about how “corrupt” the youth of today is. Yes, we’ve seen examples of youth disregarding the idea of being law-abiding citizens, but do youth really deserve all of the blame? Not necessarily so. Today’s youth, like youth throughout time, are being influenced. The problem is just that the influences of today’s world such as, the media, education, drugs, and alcohol are growing steadily negative and poorer in quality. Social networking, the media, music, education, various drugs, and alcohol affect today’s youth in negative ways.
Youth and the Media
Some of the most influential vectors affecting teenagers are social networks, the media, and music. Social networking sites dominate the time of many teenagers. Paired with the entertainment industry, and things being said on television or the radio, social media can definitely change people's mindsets and emotions. Think about it. Very often, you see children posting statuses on Facebook or tweeting on twitter. And when these kids are watching television, listening to the radio, or reading magazines, often times the wrong messages are being projected to the ears of teens. The result is a changed teenager. The result is a teenager whose mind is being corrupted by the face of a few people. Nowadays, many teens have a Facebook account. The website is simple. You upload some statuses, you like somebody's pictures, you see what your friends like and update. Even though Facebook was meant to promote interaction, it's facilitating much more. Studies have shown that teens become depressed when they compare their lives to the lives of other teens over what they see on Facebook. Facebook causes teens to overestimate the happy feelings of its patrons. The self-esteem of these teens is lowered. Other studies have shown that cyber-bullying has become a major problem.…...

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