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Hult Strategic Growth Challenge: iRobot – “Where to Win” & “How to Play” in the increasingly crowded robotics space
Competition Details
Judge: Ronald Jonash
Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Hult International Business School
Case Study: iRobot - “Where to Win” and “How to Play” in the increasingly crowded robotics space
Developed by Professor Ronald Jonash and Bert Fickel for the purpose of classroom discussion and analysis at Hult International Business School. ©2014
What would you do?
You are the head of strategy at iRobot, and have been asked for your recommendations and rationale on “Where to Play” and “How to Win” over the next two years.
1. Where should iRobot best put its development resources and focus?
2. Where is iRobot’s marketing budget best spent?
3. How can iRobot best win given its strengths and weaknesses?
4. What are the key factors and competencies that are liable to drive success and gain a sustainable competitive advantage?
Read the complete case study on pages 1 - 2.
Entries must be submitted in PowerPoint format
10 slide maximum including 1-2 page executive summary (not including title page)
Presentation should be professional and “boardroom ready”
1st Place - 40% scholarship towards tuition
2nd Place - 25% scholarship towards tuition
3rd Place - 15% scholarship towards tuition
How to submit
Apply for our intake 2014
Submit your proposal
Case Study iRobot - “Where to Win” and “How to Play” in the increasingly crowded robotics space
Case Challenge: You are the head of strategy at iRobot, and have been asked for your recommendations and rationale on “Where to Play” and “How to Win” over the next two years.…...

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...MINT PLUS Mint is a line of robotic cleaning machines, launched in January 2010 by Evolution Robotics, a company that just got acquired by iRobot. Mint is a two tiered cleaning robot which dusts and wet-mops hard surface floors. The robot systematically covers the floor line-by-line and cleans around the edges before it returns to its original position. Mint is one of the most noise-free floor cleaning robot (it has no vacuum motor), but it is not fully automatic. The cleaning cloth has to be attached to the cleaning pad before cleaning and it has to be removed after it is done. It can cover 93 square meters (1000 sq ft) in sweep mode and 23 square meters (250 sq ft) in wet mopping mode. Mint uses a navigation cube as a beacon for navigation and the original model is only able to handle one of these beacons at a time. The indoor navigation system is called NorthStar Navigation System. On 14th September 2011, Evolution Robotics announced the second model of the Mint family, called Mint Plus. It is essentially a slightly improved version of the original Mint. Mint Plus is smarter than the basic version as it works with the NorthStar 2 indoor navigation system, which is how the Mint figures out where it is, what it has cleaned, and what it still needs to clean. It also creates and stores a map of the area it cleans. The newer version also takes less time to charge. Why is Mint Plus a Hi-Tech Product? We live a very busy life. Chores such as dish cleaning, laundry and......

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...IRobot Security Analysis Abstract This paper contains an analysis of the stock security iRobot (irbt) which has had several highs and several lows over the past few years due to the fluctuations in the US economy. The overall analysis dictates how the state of the economy can affect an individual stock price even though the company has had relative good growth in customer sales over the last five years. The overall analysis looks at the return on equity, future growth rate of earnings, required rate of return and the company’s intrinsic value. Graphs and/or tables will be used to support the overall findings of the security. Introduction Robotics is on the rise, the concept of creating machines that can operate autonomously has been a goal set by man since the beginning of time. iRobot (irbt) has taken on this concept and has truly made it a reality in our time. Quite simply “iRobot designs and builds robots that make a difference” (iRobot, 2013). That difference is seen in the lives of its customers. iRobot was founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists with the vision of making practical robots a reality. iRobot’s corporate headquarters are located in Bedford, Massachusetts. The company also has offices in California, the United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong. iRobot designs, develops, and markets practical robotic solutions that undertake mundane and/or dangerous tasks for consumers, government agencies, military, and......

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...plug itself and charges automatically. Roombas are user-friendly and many people love their Roomba and they name it like a true pet. In the given statement, it really show that IRobot got a high customer value. IRobot offer Roomba a good product that perform well and really help the masses. IRobot also got high customer satisfaction because the product met the customer’s needs and expectations and it help them a lot. In customer relationship, I can say that IRobot succeed in making their customer to the highest level. “Roomba Customers created the Roomba review website (, which features news, chats, product reviews and hacker information. Billed as the official Roomba lover’s forum, Roomba Review is loaded with posts and comments on everything from shared Roomba experiences and adventures to information on differences between models, tips on finding a Roomba at a good price and tech support questions and answers- all supplied by the disclaimer at the bottom notes that the web site is not affiliated with iRobot Corporation (we’re just really big fans of The Roomba Vacuum)” In this statement, it show that the customer really liked and loved the Roomba and make it to the “Advocate level. The Advocator’s will fight if someone say bad things to the IRobot Company. I can say that the Roomba product are Market oriented because they satisfy the customer needs and wants. They made the cleaning look easy and more comfortable.......

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...vacuuming much—it’s a thankless, seemingly Then the real fun began. As iRobot received Roombas never-ending task. But there’s one group of people who back for servicing, customer service reps noted that many don’t mind vacuuming at all. In fact, they’re absolutely deowners were customizing and humanizing their little robotic lighted about it. They are the folks who own an iRobot assistants. Rather than just selling a high-tech household apRoomba, the cute little robotic vacuum that zips around pliance, it seems that iRobot had invented a new kind of rooms, avoiding furniture and other obstacles, tirelessly snifffamily pet. Reps reported that owners were often painting ing up dirt, dust, and pet hair. their Roombas and referring to them by name and gender. People love their little Roombas. They name them, talk The most popular name was Rosie, after the robotic maid on to them, and even buy a second Roomba so that the first one the classic animated TV series The Jetsons. won’t be lonely. Many Roomba owners spend more time Before long, delighted Roomba owners became iRowatching their little petlike robots than they would spend bot’s best marketing partners. An independent website vacuuming a room themselves. Recognizing the strong atsprang up,, offering RoomBud costumes tachments that many Roomba owners have to these personthat transform a Roomba from “just a naked vacuum” into a able little machines, iRobot does all it can to involve its lovable character such as......

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...CANNOT BE ACCEPTED ON ANY SUBSEQUENT TRANSACTION OR AFTER 08/31/2015 One time use only. No copies please. Non transferable. Take 20% off one single item. Present this Savings Certificate. Savings Certificate Expires 08/31/2015 Valid for in­store use only. Copies not accepted. Limit one coupon, Savings Certificate, special offer or discount per item. Cannot be combined with a price match. Coupon must be surrendered at time of purchase; any return of purchase will reduce your savings proportionately. The discount cannot be applied to gift cards, shipping, or sales tax. Offer excludes the following: Alessi, Arthur Court, Blaze, Breville®, Britto™ Collection, Brookstone®, Bosch Stand Mixers, College Campus Collections, Dimond, Elk, DKNY, Fitbit™, iRobot® Roomba® 800 Series Vacuums, Karastan, kate spade, Kenneth Cole Reaction Home, KitchenAid® PROLINE, Kosta Boda, Landmark, Le Creuset®, Lladró®, Miele, Minka Aire, Monique Lhuillier, Nambe®, Naturepedic, Nautica®, Nespresso, Nutrimill, Orrefors, Quoizel, Riedel, Shun, Swarovski, Swash™ Express Clothing Care System (sku's 43127511 and 43127528), Swiss Diamond, T­Tech, Vera Wang®, Victorinox Luggage, Vitamix, Waterford®, or Wusthof® and Bedding Essentials Kits. Alcoholic beverages excluded where required by law, Baby Brezza®, Baby Jogger™, Babyletto™, Babymel™, BÉABA®, Bugaboo, Bumbleride™, clek®, CYBEX, DaVinci™, Destination Maternity®, Ergobaby™, Foundations®, franklin & ben™, HALO™ Bassinest™, Inglesina®, Maxi­Cosi®......

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...examine the meaning of the word artificial intelligence. All textbooks define the field as "the study and design of intelligent agents" where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success. John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1956, defines it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.” Reading these definitions brings a greater understanding as to what artificial intelligence is and the fact remains that it has been around a lot longer than we think. I remember my mother buying a vacuum in 2002 called the iRobot. It would roam around the house without a handle or a remote control and vacuum the carpet. The iRobot would know when to stop and turn and it would beep when it was full of dirt so you could empty it. If we look at what the definition of artificial intelligence is, then the iRobot falls into this category. There are many more inventions like this that fall under this category. In 2009 a humanoid robot named TOPIO Played table tennis, a robot named ASIMO used sensors and intelligent algorithms to walk steps, KISMET was a robot with rudimentary social skills, and in 2011, on the quiz show Jeopardy, two humans played against an artificial intelligence called Watson. The list goes on and on, so the question remains, “is it possible to create artificial intelligence?” the answer is yes! We wonder if a human would have to always plug it into the wall to charge the battery......

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