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Iridium LLC

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Ajinkya Parab (20% contribution)
Azeera Aziz (20% contribution)
Keerthi Sindhuri (20% contribution)
Shachi Tayal (20% contribution)
Shraddha Jose (20% contribution) 1. Assuming the market was rational at the time (i.e. market prices reflect fundamental values), how much was Iridium worth on a per share basis at the end of 1998 according to the projections in Exhibit 5? What are the important determinants of value? How confident are you in your answer? (Please assume the market risk premium equals 7.5%.) |Year |1998 |1999 |2000 |2001 |2002 |2003 |2004 |2005 |2006 |2007 | | |A |Interest expense |265 |387 |454 |424 |278 |59 |0 |0 |39 |92 | | |B |Net Income |-1253 |-1549 |-81 |996 |1911 |2948 |3284 |3468 |3590 |3658 | | |C |Dep Expense |552 |811 |966 |1213 |1333 |1084 |1109 |1020 |822 |605 | | |D |Inc in NWC |-398 |290 |63 |-102 |-81 |-54 |-28 |-12 |-4 |-1 | | |E |Cap Expenditure |716 |927 |1349 |1246 |1258 |1274 |385 |391 |413 |844 | | | =A+B+C-D-E |Cash Flows |-754 |-1568 |-73 |1489 |2345 |2871 |4036 |4109 |4042 |3512 | | | |PV of Cash flows |-754 |-1369.85 |-55.7157 |992.8338 |1366.004 |1461.065 |1794.382 |1595.979 |1371.559 |1041.118 |7443.375 | |

Discount rate = 5.09 + 1.25*7.5 = 14.65%
NPV of all cash flows = $ 7443. 375
Approximate PV of terminal value from Exhibit 4b - $ 8000
Company Value = PV of Terminal value + PV of Cash Flows = $15443.375
No. of outstanding shares = 141.17 Mn
Per share worth = $ 109.39
Most important determinants of Value are - Cost of Equity - Interest rate - Capital Cash Flows 2. Conduct sensitivity analysis on the valuation. Why is Iridium potentially worth so much?

3. What caused Iridium to fail: was it a bad strategy,…...

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...REVIVING IRIDIUM “The brilliance of the technology cannot take precedence over the market case. At the end of the day, if you’re spending $5 billion on the technology, there better be a market for it. And if there isn’t, there will be great humiliation.” - Herschel Shosteck, a Wheaton-based wireless analyst, in March 2000. “Iridium failed to match its system to its mission which caused too much pressure on the company to get customers quickly.” - Leslie Taylor, a consultant for the satellite industry in Washington, in March 2000. IRIDIUM’S FAILURE In August 1999, Iridium LLC[1] (Iridium), the world’s largest provider of global mobile satellite voice and data solutions, filed for Chapter 11[2] bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court. The news did not come as a major surprise to the global telecommunications industry since the company’s financial trouble was well known. It had defaulted on US $1.55 billion in bank loans. Considering the company’s investment loss of US $5 billion, the bankruptcy court imposed a deadline of March 15th 2000 to either bring forth a purchaser or to close its operations. In response, Iridium promised that if it couldn’t attract a buyer by 5 p.m. that day, it would proceed with plans to liquidate. Despite the company’s best efforts, it was not able to convince any party to support its business and it was forced to file for bankruptcy. Following this, many executives in......

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...Nombre: XXXCarnet: XXXSección: “A”Curso: Mercado Estratégico, 2011Catedratico: [XXX] | | Solución al caso: “IRIDIUM – Global Satellite Phone System” 1. Describa la situación del mercado de teléfonos móviles desde que se inició la investigación y desarrollo de IRIDIUM (año 1987) hasta el lanzamiento del proyecto (año 1998): R: Para el año de 1987 aunque existía la telefonía móvil, no existía algún sistema de comunicación eficiente y de cobertura mundial (En los detalles del caso se menciona que fue Karen Bertiger la esposa del dueño de Motorola, que en uno de sus viajes se dio cuenta de la necesidad por cubrir). Cuando Iridium decide lanzarse al mercado de la telefonía móvil, se generan cambios radicales, uno de esos grandes cambios se dio en el diseño y costos de los aparatos receptores de la señal, además se le puede agregar que los costos de las llamadas sufrieron una reducción. En cuanto a la estructura de la red de telefonía, se había generado un crecimiento muy grande en Europa, en dicho continente, se había lanzado el servicio GSM que permitía una cobertura en más de cien ciudades a un bajo costo. 2. Se hizo alguna segmentación de mercado como parte del lanzamiento de IRIDIUM? Favor explicar en detalle: R: Al parecer Iridium no realizó ninguna clara segmentación de mercado, ya que en los detalles del caso no se menciona que realizaron un estudio cualitativo que les permitiera conocer las necesidades que el cliente solicitaba. En los detalles del...

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