Investment Analysis Management - Advice P Ltd. of the Comparative Risk of Two Investments by Calculating the Standard Deviation in Each Case.

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Investment Analysis Management

Downloaded Data of Bank of Baroda and HDFC Bank from of last 11 years has been summarized as follows. You are required to analyze the data using appropriate statistical tools, interpret the results and provide necessary advice to the investors as research analyst.

CASE STUDY 2 (20 Marks)

Given below are the returns on the three stocks Supertex, Colourtex and Wivetex for a four year period. Compute the average returns, variance and standard deviation if a portfolio is constructed such that the stock has lowest standard deviation accounts for 50% of the funds, a stock having the next lowest standard deviation accounting for 30% and the third stock accounting for 20% of the funds.

In September 2006, Mafatlal Ltd. Paid 10% dividend and in October, 2006 Nataraj Ltd. Paid 30% dividend. On 31-3-2007, market price of shares of Mafatlal Ltd. And Nataraj Ltd. Were Rs.220 and Rs.290 respectively.

Pruthvi Hardware ltd. have been informed by their investment advisor that :-

1) Dividend s from Mafatlal L Ltd. And Nataraj Ltd. For the year ending 31-03-2008 are likely to be 20% and 35% respectively.

You are required to

1) Calculate the average return from the portfolio for the year ended 31-03-2007.

2) Advice P Ltd. Of the comparative risk of two investments by calculating the standard deviation in each case.

CASE STUDY 4 (20 Marks)

A) The following table provides details about three mutual fund portfolios. Find out the Sharpe, Treynor and Jensen Index and rank them. What are your suggestions to the investors?

1. The beta of Equity fund is higher than the Beta of Mid Cap fund but the returns are higher in Mid Cap…...

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