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Nowadays, technology is considered as one reason why other countries are in the highest class. Through technology people gained knowledge by discovering different things that may help for the improvement of the country. Technology is far getting farther. Technology, which began from a simple device, now becomes a high speed and multi – tasking one. This is the only way in which they cope with their various demands of their customers, clients and furthermore they do not have to waste their time in doing their business works. Universities and colleges, secondary and elementary schools play a vital role in shaping student’s mental, emotional and social aspect. Quezon-Roxas High School is one of the institutions in Marinduque which provides educational services in the secondary level.
Since Quezon-Roxas High School has been using the manual process, the enrolment personnel as well as the guidance counselors’ encountered problems regarding the records of the enrolled students from 1st year to 4th year, since their records are stored in the file cabinet, it is hard for them to search or to fund the students’ records. It is time consuming because they have to look for a certain record among the others files in the storage. In updating the records of the students, they need to check the existing records.
The developed system Student Information System for Quezon-Roxas High School will be a great help for the academe to easily manage faculty and students record. These records will be stored in a database. Only the authorized persons can access the system. The users have their limitations to access a particular content of the system.

Review of Related Literature and Studies
Related Literature Information system is any means of communicating knowledge from one person to another such as verbal simple communication, punched card system based on…...

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