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Bill John
Introduction to Research ~ Research Project

Hunting Age

Introduction to Research
John Bill
BUSC 315
Research Project
Bill John

Hunting Age
“Turning kids into Killers?”

According to Rob Keck, a famous author, “If you go the route of using a range finder, don't make the mistake of trying it out for the first time when you're turkey hunting. A little pre-season preparation at home will go a long way toward success later.” Quotations. “Rob Keck quotes”. Quotations Online 1 Sep. 2010. 26 Oct. 2010 <http://einstein/quotes/rob_keck/>.
I believe what Rob meant by this was the sooner we teach hunting to the youth, the longer they will be engaged and the better our animal conservation will be. The sooner we get youth into the field under a controlled environment, with a gun in their hands and an adult by their side, the better off they will be in two years when they’re hunting by themselves. This research paper is about the current hunting age issue and the impact it may have on a forever-long tradition of hunting. Martin Merereau, who is the director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' Cruelty Investigations Department in Norfolk, VA, posed a question in one of his articles called Turning kids into Killers: “Based on a new Wisconsin law: How low will hunting lobbyists go?” What Merereau is referring to is the recent law passed in Wisconsin which grants 10-year-olds the right to carry a bow or firearm if accompanied by a mentor. Mersereau is against the law for many reasons. The reduced hunting age law was recently changed from 12 years old to 10 years old in Wisconsin. Since 2004, more than 12 other states have also reduced the hunting age from 12 to 10 years old and over 30 other states do not have a minimum hunting age. “Teaching children how to kill can be…...

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