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Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments
University of Phoenix
Facilitator David Stripling
February 1, 2010

Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments
Intersect Investment Services, a highly successful investment services organization, offers a set of diverse financial options to its clients. Due to the volatility of the market since 2001, Intersect, along with other financial sector companies has struggled. Recently they have suffered and in the last four years barely survive. Within the past year, Intersect has experienced a decline in sales and customer satisfaction. In survival mode, leadership has proposed a revolutionary organizational change, largely in the area of sales methodology. (University of Phoenix, 2010)
Intersect’s Chief Executive Officer wants transformation of the entire organization in order to recover lost profits. The newly launched strategic plan will attempt increase their level of customer satisfaction, increase sales, and increase customer-base by implementing a new “customer intimacy” sales model as well as to expand existing product and services. (University of Phoenix, 2010)
In order for Intersect to move forward with this organizational change the leadership need to make a full assessment of the current situation. Ccurrent issues and opportunities will be examined and discussed as well as stakeholder perspectives in relation to end-state goals. The “gap” will then be analyzed and identified. This identified “gap” between end state goals and the current situation will then yield a clearer direction in terms of defining problems and solutions in order for Intersect to realize its full potential and growth as a leading bio-tech company.Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification
As Intersect embarks on the implementation of its 12 month strategic plan and…...

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