Interclean Benchmarking

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InterClean Benchmarking

Today's organizations thrive on benchmarking to find best practices or solutions to a company's problems through outside industries or companies. This paper highlights some of those issues focusing on how other companies have implemented plans to handle those issues. The issues facing InterClean highlighted in this analysis are human resource philosophy, employee retention, mergers and acquisitions, human resources product handling and servicing. Benchmarking was conducted to evaluate how other companies had handled situations similar to those of Interclean. Outside companies evaluated for comparison come from the mortgage industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil industry, specialty eatery industry, technology industry, airlines industry, chemical industry, insurance industry, and home improvement retail industry. The companies evaluated in this paper were Guardian First Funding Group, Trinity-Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, BP Amoco, Starbucks, Google, Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines, Rohm and Haas Company, Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Pepsico, and LOWE’s. Evaluation of these companies showed several concepts used in handling the issues and how the companies used these concepts.
Situational Analysis
Retaining Employees
Guardian First Funding Group - Guardian First Funding Group (GFFG) is a mortgage company exclusively involved in the reverse mortgage business. They have been selling reverse mortgages for a little more than a year now. In this time, GFFG has grown to rank 15th in the industry, with expectations to reach the top 10 by the end of the first quarter, 2009. Comprised mainly of Loan Officers, supplemented by a small number of operations employees, GFFG generates its income through the selling of reverse…...

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...Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc. A look at the InterClean strategies reveals that the organization is in a ripe form for change of structure, business process, Human Resource (HR) alignment, communication process and employee management. A change is inevitable; the successful management of a change with buy-in from all affected quadrants is the ideal situation for InterClean to achieve the merger with EnviroTech. Such a solution can be found with the right implementation of the HR domain statement, nine step problem solving process, effective change management and conscientious decision making. The paper tries to identify the various issues related to the merger, challenges, opportunities, solution paths, time lines and risks associated with the implementation of solutions. The paper also provides a set of timelines and metrics for measurement of the outcomes. Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification InterClean belongs to an eight billion dollar industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. As per the scenario, the principal stakeholders are trying to increase the profitability of the company through change in the business strategy and by the acquisition of a new company EnviroTech, an acquisition that is in-line with new business strategy and bound to achieve the targeted profitability of 40%.(University of Phoenix, 2008). Based on the decisions of David (President and CEO), the HR have taken immediate steps at performing skill gap analysis and......

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...that are necessary to perform the job. Job analysis involves reporting the job as it currently exists in the specific organization for which the analysis is applicable. Job analysis does not report on the job as it existed in the past or as another organization performs it (University of Minnesota, 2008). The continuous observation method is an appropriate method of conducting a job analysis. With the continuous observation method, a trained and experienced observer studies one or more employees (assigned to perform a specific job) over a period of time. The observer records what the employee does, the manner in which the work is completed and how long it takes to complete the work. The job analysis for the salesperson position at InterClean includes the following major job functions and KSAs: A. Prospect and lead generation–Requires the employee to maintain a detailed knowledge of company products, processes, and procedures including but not limited to pricing and time to market. Requires the ability to identify customer needs and the ability to sell the solution and its value, rather than focusing on the price. Requires the skills associated with moving beyond customer objections. B. Contract negotiation–Requires command of strong negotiation techniques. Also requires that the employee maintain knowledge of contract law, InterClean’s contracting policies and procedures, and any contract variations......

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...The merger of InterClean and EnviroTech presents us with an opportunity to provide products and services unparalleled in our industry. In order to properly prepare our sales team to meet the needs of the organization, InterClean must develop a comprehensive training and mentoring program that will introduce the new products and services to our sales team and possibly learn something new about our existing products. The course will review the company mission; introduce the new products and services and define the benefits to our clients; cover how to build positive client relationships and review governmental compliance standards. This course will consist of oral and multimedia presentations, peer reviews with defined mentors, interactive workshops and required reading. This course includes the Occupational Safety Hazard Workplace Safety and Hazardous Materials videos required by the Federal Government. Our objective is to prepare the sales team to handle any client request efficiently and effectively. The first week will review the salespersons responsibilities, what the organizational expectations are from the team and define the developmental path for each salesperson. The team will be involved in team building exercises, informal discussions regarding how the sales team will move forward, formal classroom study, and personal development. The second week the team will spend considerable time learning terms associated with the new chemical and service line and applications.......

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...numerous selection methods, the selection methods determined appropriate for this new sales team is a peer assessment, an interview, and recommendations. It has become necessary to create five new positions. The positions will consist of: (1) Senior Manager, (1) Sales Team Leader (3) Sales Representatives. Focusing on the talent available and the identified job descriptions a review of the available employees was performed, placing emphasis on the soft skills, which are harder to develop. It is my recommendation that for these newly created positions we hire out side of the company. It’s a great idea to consider an internal candidate for a critical position opening and compare him to the slate if outside candidates. (Tolan, 2008) InterClean is committed to being open to a diverse culture not only in terms of race, gender, or sexual orientation but in terms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, backgrounds and experience. (Javitch, 2008) Listed below are the job descriptions and qualifications needed to fill the job openings. Senior Manager Job Description The Senior Manager supports the acquisition of new buyers for these products within both the current member base as well as from the prospect community at large.  The senior manager is ultimately responsible for leading efforts to grow the base of business in the Industry and will be measured on effectiveness at achieving that target.  This activity includes identification strategic targeting of key prospects,......

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...Two major companies are merging into one company to provide more cleaning solutions for the healthcare industry.   InterClean and EnviroTech are the companies that are merging and the new organization needs to have a structure.   As the new strategic direction is unfolding the full-service cleaning solution will allow the business to expand into different environments.   With InterClean having the experience of products and EnviroTech having the customer satisfaction, management needs to be established.   As a midlevel sales manager it is my responsibility to organize new salespeople positions.   This summary will also be used for the hiring of new employees in the future.   The changes that need to be made are a direct reflection of the companies merging which changes the strategy for each sales team.   The following summary will include job descriptions and qualifications, a training program, evaluating employees, team performance, incentives, benefits, and compensation. Currently 10 employees hold the sales team positions from both InterClean and EnviroTech.   My selection was based on experience and knowledge.   I have selected five employees to represent my new team after the merging of both organizations.   The first selection is Shane Huck because of his experience with InterClean.   Shane has been with Interclean for the past 8 years and has trained other employees to succeed.   Shane started as an Outside Sales Representative and then became Sales manager.   He can......

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...-BENCHMARKING - 2014 BENCHMARKING DIANA C. HURTADO MUÑETON LORENA PULIDO BENAVIDES DANIEL JIMENEZ GOMEZ DOCENTE: EFRAIN OCAMPO UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE MANIZALES NEGOCIOS INTERNACIONALES COSTOS LOGISTICOS Y BSC 1 -BENCHMARKING DEFINICIÓN El benchmarking es una forma de determinar qué tan bien se desempeña una empresa (o una unidad de esta), comparado otras empresas (o unidades). Esta ubica el desempeño de la empresa en un contexto amplio, y permite determinar las mejores prácticas.  “Benchmarking es el proceso continuo de medir productos, servicios y prácticas contra los competidores más duros o aquellas compañías reconocidas como líderes en la industria”. David T. Kearns, director general de Xerox Corporation. La continuidad en el benchmarking no sólo significa un proceso que se hace una vez y se olvida, sino que es un proceso continuo y constante. Otro aspecto es el de la medición, ya que esta está implicada en el proceso de benchmarking, pues se tienen que medir los procesos propios y los de otras empresas para poder compararlos. Del mismo modo este proceso se puede aplicar a todos las facetas del negocio. Y finalmente este se debe dirigir hacia aquellas empresas y funciones de negocios dentro de las empresas que son reconocidas como las mejores o como los líderes de la industria.  “Una marca del agrimensor de una posición previamente determinada y que se usa como punto de referencia, un estándar mediante el cual se puede medir o juzgar algo”....

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...Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc. In the Interclean Inc scenario, the company is a major player in the industrial cleaning and the sanitation industry. The InterClean, Inc. is competing to fulfill the emerging need of providing solutions and services as well as products catered to the stringent environmental safety requirements (University of Phoenix, 2008). This paper will identify alternatives that could be followed by InterClean to achieve the company’s end state goal. The Human Resources Management could follow these alternatives for making its employees motivated and productive while working towards a successful merger. By making the employees happy, they will make the customers happy and show continues support for the growth of the company. This would make Interclean to attain their sales goal by increasing the profit of the company by 40% in the following year. Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification The CEO of the Interclean has come out with the new service model to meet the customer needs and the currently changing environment. This service model will provide an opportunity for the employees and the company to gain valuable skills over the next several years. Interclean merged with Environ Tech, which could have a restructuring in the existing departments. Since there will be an organizational change in the company, the HRM department should communicate with the employees. They should be explained about the need for the change, which will......

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