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Inter-Tribal Health vs Leisure Living

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Which is Better: Inter-tribal Health Systems VS. Leisure Living
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Which is Better: Inter-tribal Health Systems VS. Leisure Living
Inter-tribal Health Systems is an Indian clinic and Leisure Living is a residential care home. Inter-tribal Health Systems is better to work for than Leisure Living because of the better pay, hours, and benefits. Although the owner of Leisure Living is a very nice man, his daughter runs the place and she is a very unreliable, hateful individual. Inter-tribal Health Systems has better and nicer supervisors. They work on a trust basis there and their employees do not even have to clock in and out. They have a confidence and trust that their employees will be to work every day.
Leisure Living only pays nine dollars per hour for CNA work. The job duties include cleaning each resident’s room, cleaning and cooking in the kitchen, distributing medications, making sure the residents take their medications and keeping up with paperwork. Inter-tribal Health Systems pays ten dollars per hour for housekeeping. All an employee has to do is clean a portion of the building along with two other housekeepers. Working for Inter-tribal Health Systems, a person has help and at Leisure Living the employee doesn’t have help. After the first ninety days of employment at Inter-tribal Health, a person will get a raise of ten to twenty cents and then raises yearly after that. There are only yearly raises given at Leisure Living and they are only roughly ten cents.
The hours are better at Inter-tribal Health Systems than Leisure Living. At Leisure Living, the schedule is all around the place. They will schedule a person 10pm to 6am one day and the very next day schedule a person 2pm to 10pm. In addition, they schedule many twelve-hour shifts there. At Inter-tribal Health Systems, most everyone works 8am to 5pm with an…...

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