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2013 Pest Management
Standards For Food Plants




he National Pest Management Association is pleased to release the 2013 Pest Management Standards for Food Plants. Since 2007, these standards have been the cornerstone of NPMA’s Commercial Division activities.

Of note in the 2013 revision is the move away from prescriptive instructions regarding placement and monitoring frequency of pest management devices. Instead, a more results-oriented approach to pest management, based on pest trends, inspection observations, and professional knowledge is embraced.
As stated in previous editions, these standards also do not preempt local, state, provincial, and/ or federal regulations. Any service provided must comply with government regulations or statutes governing pest management, safety, and food protection. In addition, food plants may have requirements more stringent than these standards.
By embracing these standards, pest management firms demonstrate the industry’s role as protectors of food and property. In addition to these standards, a comprehensive online testing site can be found at This website includes the study guide and other resources noted in the standards. Through this site, NPMA is working to provide the tools necessary for pest management firms to comply with the standards and raise the level of competency of pest management professionals servicing food plants.
We hope that you find these standards to be a beneficial addition to your own company protocols and procedures. As protectors of food and property, it is our industry’s obligation to exceed expectations and demonstrate our role as a vital component to overall food safety.


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