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Essay Single parenthood
1. Summary. The article "survey dispels myth of failing single parents" from 2006 is written by Denis Campbell. the article is about three single mothers who are raising their children alone which they believe are better for both the parent and for the child. The women in the text tell us about a few benefits from being a sole parent in charge, like they become stronger as a person because they are forced to take a decision themselves, based solely on their experience. They also mention that they can provide their children a with harmonious and safe upbringing and they don't have to divide their attention between their children and their partners. The article also says that single parent families have been associated with a lot of negative things and thoughts, and people always have been prejudiced against single parents, but this article shows some of the positive aspects of being a single parent. 2. Outline. In the three texts; "Mothers without men", "survey dispels myth of failing single parents" and "single moms by choice or circumstance - required reading", we can find similarities like positive/negative sides of single parenthood. One of the positive views we are introduced to is that if you are a woman, you do not have to wait for the perfect man to get pregnant, you just go to a sperm bank and look for a man that has got the traits you are after, and in that way your child would not witness a parent leaving, unless the mother dies of course. Another positive view is that if you are a single mother then you don't have to argue with another one, about how to raise your kid because you will be in charge and make the decisions. One of the negative sides of being a single parent is that you have to use nearly all of your time on the kid, and you will have few holidays. The fact that you'll have to use so much of your time on child leads…...

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